Best consoles of each generation

Best console of each generation going from 8-bit to 128-bit (and yes I know that the XBOX1 for example is not 128-bit but since the DC is consider a 128-bit and it was first I call it the 128-bit generation).

List items

  • BEST 8-bit: As much I loved my Sega Master System the NES had manu more classic games.

  • BEST 16-bit: Same reason as the NES, it just has the most great games.

  • BEST 32/64-bit: There really is no competition, the Saturn and N64 have good games, but there's 10 great PS1 games for every great N64 game.

  • BEST "pseudo 128-bit": The Dreamcast had potential, but apart from a handful of games and being first out with a lot of stuff it just has too few great games. The Gamecube had the same problem as the N64 and the XBOX although it has KotOR and Halo simply cannot compete with the flood of titles the PS2 has. I think it has more games with an average rating on Gamerankings of 80% or more than the other consoles put together.