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Places in FF

Places in Final Fantasy games I would like to visit.

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  • The home town of Cloud and Tifa and with the aweseome Shinra Mansion to explore.

  • This small town in FF8 is the perfect place to take your holiday when you want to relax.

  • This farming village in FF9 seems like a great place to visit. Great background music, a comfy hotel and cute animals.

  • I don't think this island needs an explanation. Sunny paradise island with a blue ocean.

  • It has Honey Bee Inn!

  • Have some fun snowboarding or stay inside by the fire watching the beautiful snow landscape from the window. Just be sure to bring warm clothing.

  • Buy the life time pass for 30 000 gil because you'll want to visit this place more than 10 times.

  • The school I would want to go to. Spend your time playing cards or fighting T-rex's when not studying and also the entire school can fly!