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Somewhat believable female characters

It's no secret most female characters in video games look like plastic dolls (DoA girls probably being the extreme example) here is a list of women who look at least somewhat real and close to what you might find in the real world.  Feel free to tell me if you know of others I can add to the list.

List items

  • You can tell they spent a lot of time making sure she looked believable. No plastic doll skin here.

  • May not look super realistic, but when BG&E came out she was a fresh change from all the Lara Croft wannabes with boobs the size of basketballs.

  • Anyone who have played HL2 (which should be just about everyone) knows what I mean.

  • A tomboy with opinions about everything from religion to aliens. She could be any military or police lady you could meet in real life.

  • Unlike so many other heroes or heroines she is not a stone cold woman who can face any enemy without a flinch. In fact she is terribly afraid, yet she still manages to somehow continue. Also she gets none of the glory despite her sacrifice. As many women in real life she is forgotten by history and despite her importance no one remembers her. Alongside the seemingly fearless Jeanne, she feels a lot more human.