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Top 5 Gameplay Mechanics I Can Do Without

Seriously, we can do without these gameplay mechanics.

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  • I'm playing like a god, but it doesn't matter if the character I'm escorting is standing right in the open like a bullet magnet with a death wish, just hoping to die so I'll fail the mission.

  • I understand that the developer wants me to watch them, but when I'm forced to watch them a dozen times each because I keep dying or because I like to replay the game it's just annoying. How hard is it to have a code that says "watched before=true" which makes it possible to skip scenes I've already seen?

  • I'd like to be able to save when I want to. If you don't want it to become easy then at least have a "save and quit" feature. You have 10min until you need to catch a bus and it's 20min until the next save point...I hate that scenario.

  • A bunch of duded standing around a barrel, shoot the barrel. Might as well just have been one barrel-shaped dude.

  • I hate packing...