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I almost feel like THQ is the charity here :P I'll probably plunk some $$ down for this, mostly because I want THQ to stay in business... I want my CoH2!!

It doesn't sound like much but I hope it helps in the big scheme of things. Spent $15 and gave THQ the 8-4 bump and Humble Bundle $2. Sorry charities, but at this point THQ might need it more ;)

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If there's still room sign me up!

GT: Daigen

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Going in to the Alien Base for the first time. I might be over-equipped but I didn't want to get steamrolled. Titan suits, plasmas and lasers. Don't Dash and overwatch is your friend :P

Nope still kicking my butt. The aliens are not afraid to use grenades on this mission. Finished it once but lost 2 of my col. so I'm replaying in hopes of getting everyone out alive. Bringing a Support class now, but still tough. I wonder if this scales to the level of your squad, either way it's been the most challenging mission thus far.