My Collection of Games for the Wii

The following list consists of all the games I own for the Nintendo Wii.

List items

  • I think that this game embodies the expression "easy to play, difficult to master". It's simplistic controls provide considerable accessibility to non-gamers, but if you take your time to dig a little deeper there's a surprising amount of depth to each sport. Most of it comes down to knowing how to twist your wrist and perfect your timing - but that can really give you the upper hand against the computer in the single-player games. This game still has enough life left in it to fuel many parties to come.

  • Despite some of the limited and arguably repetitive game-play, I highly recommend this game. I found the story so captivating that I ended up playing through the entire game in 7-8 hours straight - on my first run! Multiple endings and changing collectibles have brought me back for several replays.

  • I purchased this game with the bundled balance board. Many would argue that this peripheral is no more than a glorified scale, and indeed the games are certainly no substitute for a real exercise program. However, I find it a great supplemental component to my workout program, and the various tracking software is quite handy. The multi-player games are also very entertaining for an active party atmosphere. In the end, if you're serious improve your health, you're probably better off investing your money in a gym membership. However, this game still provides great tips, motivation, and most importantly: fun!

  • The "Trauma Center" series has always intrigued me, and Atlus doesn't disappoint with fun game-play, interesting characters, and a compelling storyline.

  • "Wii Sports" and "Wii Fit Plus" have been making me crave more boxing games. "Punch-Out!!" certainly satisfies that need.

  • This game retains much of what I enjoyed about "Trauma Center: Second Opinion" while fixing and improving numerous elements such as implementing full voice-acting, fresh new characters, and co-op mode.

  • This platformer retains the wacky charm of the Rabbids while successfully branching away from the mini/party-game genre.