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My picks for best Adventure games of all time (work in progress)

This is just a quick reference list of what I consider to be my top recommendations for the Adventure genre. This also covers Point and Click but I won't generally go into Action-Adventure hybrids.

It's based solely on what I've played over the years and what has left a meaningful impact on my opinion. The list may not contain a lot of known titles because I probably haven't played them (yet). Also, I'm mostly a retro PC gamer so a lot of console titles are missing.

My goal is to do a top 100 list (as this is GiantBomb's limit), but I don't want to fill the list with sub-par games just for the sake of it. Also I won't list all of the games from one franchise. If gameplay is similar than the best title goes on the list.

That being said, this list will be updated in the future. Last update: 2022-11-06.

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