Okay de Blob sequel, you're already sounding better.

It was revealed a while ago that de Blob was getting a sequel. That sequel is still coming and already I'm liking the sequel more without knowing much about the game. I do know that de Blob is one of the best platformers on the Wii not starring Mario so more of the same would be fine with me. It was colorful, fun to play, and the soundtrack was a great mix of upbeat and chill jazz tunes. But one little tidbit was nagging me during my sessions with the game... the damn jumping mechanic. 
People who played de Blob are probably still recovering from a case of whiplash wrist. To jump, you have to flick the Wii Remote up, a process that slowly increases in pain over a period of time. Well somebody learned that jumping in de Blob would be better with a button press. The sequel will not force you to flick the Wiimote to jump, a fucking godsend to me and my right hand. 
And also some 2D stuff will be added for variety. Color me interested and relieved.