Sadness vaporware from the start?

Time to refresh your memory.

Duke Nukem Forever is getting all the attention today as 3D Realms runs out of money 4 or 5 years later than expected, but there's a story about another piece of vaporware lore.  This is about Sadness, one of the more intriguing games announced for the Revolution.  Yeah, Sadness was around during the Revolution era.  Sadness touted its unique black and white look (pre-MadWorld) and its Eastern European influences, but the Polish developer had one things going against them: they were a "Polish" developer.

Plenty of concept art, but no game?
Plenty of concept art, but no game?
Yay stereotypes!

Moving on, there is this interview with a former employee of Nibris (see Polish developer) and he doesn't exactly portray Nibris as a competent developer at the start.  According to ex-Nibris dude, Adam Artur Antolski (AAA, or killer app as he should be known), there was absolutely no progress between E3 2006 when the Sadness trailer came out and the time Adam left the company.  It really sounds like the small group of people were basically still kicking around ideas for the game while we were waiting for some information to surface.  Three years later and all they have to show for themselves are a few pieces of concept art and a pretty lousy trailer from 2006.

And this interviewee who left?  He had zero experience when he got the job... he was just some kid with a website they found and he even found that a bit strange.

Sadness is the type of vaporware we all saw coming from a mile away, though.  That trailer in 2006 showed nothing relevant to the game and usually we see actual screenshots days or weeks after a game's announcement.  I don't think any gameplay has been revealed yet.  And still no publisher, a sign that Sadness will likely remain in limbo for all eternity.

Then again, it's pulling for a late 2009 release according to various sources including Nibris themselves.  Sheesh, we've been here before.  Sadness is dead.  It doesn't exist.  Game over.

So did anyone here actually get a bit excited for Sadness during the pre-Wii era or did you smell vapors from the start?  Would you even play something like Sadness?  If this ever comes out, would it be any good or will it be a colossal failure?

Later, er... duders?  Sheesh, gotta stop using words from the Giant Bomb lexicon.