Twice the fun without the bun... and other thoughts.

And so I punched the hooker and stole her purse. 
Oh hi there! So the latest food phenomenon arrived a week or two ago in the form of a "sandwich." This "sandwich" is not your ordinary "sandwich" but the bastard child of Colonel Sanders and Dr. Atkins. Meet the Double Down "Sandwich" from KFC! 

Note: not a sandwich.
Note: not a sandwich.
Wait, you probably already met this, consumed it, and digested as much as the human body will allow, scientists have that number around 28%. Anyway, I finally caved in and bought one of these "sandwiches" along with potato chunks and a small garbage can of whatever cola they serve. Pepsi, right? And so there I am in my car unwrapping this "sandwich" forged by demons in the 6th Circle of Hell being stared at by gawkers and small mammals when I finally took my first bite. 
Uh... tasty bugger it is, but at the halfway point, I questioned why this got the attention of millions of food junkies and health connoisseurs everywhere. It's not exactly the most terrible thing on their menu at a paltry (by fast food standards) 540 calories. Yeah, the sodium is overkill, but I've had worse real sandwiches before. Which reminds me, did we all fucking forget the Atkins craze several years ago when nearly every chain restaurant had some bunless burger on their menu because it was the cool thing to do? Now we replace buns with Krispy Kreme doughnuts without controversy. I'm not saying the Double Down "Sandwich" is unoriginal, but I think KFC is about 8 years too late with this new offering to the sodium gods. 
As for the sandwich itself, TurboMan and I pretty much have the same feelings. Delicious, but pricy on its own. 5 stars! 
Did I mention the other thoughts? Oh I did! Bullet form, GO! 
  • The Team Fortress 2 people are attempting to crack down on idling, a dirty practice where your dude does nothing for a period of, let's say... overnight, and racks up all sorts of goodies. Personally, I like my Team Fortress 2 untampered and untainted. I try to avoid the mod-heavy servers and achievement whore hideouts so it doesn't affect me. I guess the solution is that there will be more frequent drops and a time cap on drops as well. So I say, "Cheers, mate!" to that decision. Well played yet again, Robin Walker.
  • Left 4 Dead 2 DLC this week. You know, I should be more excited for this, but something weird happened to me with the Left 4 Dead games. I played a fair bit of the original (about 30 hours according to my stat monkeys) and yet I buy Left 4 Dead 2 (preordered in fact) and only racked up a measly 3 hours and 3 achievements! Now we get new stuff and I'm all whatever about it. It's been about 6 months since I last touched any game in the series and I have a feeling I'm going to keep avoiding it like the Witch. Great games, but... I don't really know. Moving on.
  • I'm thinking of constructing a list of everything I talked about in my blogs. That will certainly get me that Martin Luther Would be Proud quest I totally want. The only other way to achieve that is to buy another 50 Virtual Console games or 40+ PC games in the near future. I say fucks to that.
  • KFC makes a decent potato wedge.
  • April 20th, or 420 as some call it. I call it April 20th, today I called it Tuesday. I celebrated today like I do every other day, not smoking weed.
  • I'm late to this topic, but Conan is going to TBS!? I guess he wants to capture the Superstation demographic. TBS has been trying to redefine itself as a comedy channel, a less retarded Comedy Central. I know TBS for showing reruns of The Brady Bunch at "Turner Time" and Captain Planet. In fact, Captain Planet may be partially to blame for my dislike for this green movement because I hated Captain Planet. Well, back to Conan. I guess it's a proper fit with TBS pushing humor to its viewers, but TBS has never been a place I go to for comedy.
  • Last week I bought Takk... by Sigur Ros to further grow my collection of indie albums from the past 10 years or so. It's been years since I listened to it and yes, I think it's still amazing. That was released back in 2005 and times do change, so naturally we now have a solo effort by the lead singer. It's a bit odd listening him actually sing in English instead of Icelandic gibberish, but Jonsi is sounding like a louder, more powerful Sigur Ros from what I've heard so far. Go Do is heavy on the percussion (somewhat reminiscent of Gobbledigook) and mythical sounds of flutes, a happier, more upbeat, positive tone than what we normally get from Sigur Ros. It's a wonderful mesh of classical music and pop that I can actually enjoy. I'm gonna have to get my download on and experience this album for myself.
That's enough. I'm cutting myself off before I go off on another tangent.