What possessed me to buy Luigi's Mansion?

Impulses can be strange sometimes.  I was running around doing boring real life things like going to the bank when I decided to go to Gamestop and just browse around.  Now whenever I go to Gamestop, I never leave empty-handed so I knew I would have at least one game added to the roster.  So I ended up buying 3 games... Luigi's Mansion for $9.99, Viewtiful Joe for the low, low price of $2.99, and its sequel for the same price.  3 games for about $16?  I think that's a good deal.

So I played some Viewtiful Joe for a while and it was what I expected... a solid beat 'em up with a neat art style.  I approve of that purchase.  As for Luigi's Mansion, I find it pretty average... close to below average.  This isn't a graphics thing since I knew it was a launch title... it resembles a Nintendo 64 game in a number of ways.  What I don't like about the game is the pace of the game and the controls.  It's just too slow and awkward.

I just realized that the title of this entry is an unintentional pun.  I'm so damn clever.

Anyhoo, Luigi's Mansion is quite possibly the worst flagship launch title in Nintendo's history, hands down.

Dude, he's picking his nose.
Dude, he's picking his nose.