Free to play?

It took me forever to decide to play Wow. I couldn't imagine paying monthly for a game. But after playing for free for a week, way back when, i was hooked an played WoW for some odd 5-6 years. Well, paying monthly made me feel like I must play everyday. Made me feel like I had a duty to my online friends. So about a year ago I finally quit Wow, Now I am playing Free to Play games. So far i'm pretty sure I've spent the cost of a box and a monthly fee on each Free to play game I've tried. It would also seem that I have no loyalty to any of the games. After a few months in I get the itch to move on.

I get the feeling that in the next year I may get to that "I'm doing with games." feeling. Seems weird that I have played games and video games for my entire life, 45 years now, and now my interest them is waning.

Maybe I just need a break.