Why I hate contacting customer support, especially Activision's

So recently, I contacted Activision. I had a question about DJ Hero, and if they would be putting any more DLC out for DJ Hero. This was my email:

I was wondering if any new DLC will be released for DJ Hero. It's been out for nearly half a year, and there are still only about 8 songs on the Music Store. I'm very disappointed by this. I've played Rock Band for a long time, and they have managed to update the store with new songs every single week, and they currently offer well over 1000 songs to download and play. While DJ Hero may not be able to reach that many, the game only has about 8 songs to download. I'm very disappointed by the lack of DLC, and most of the DLC that they do have is pretty horrible. I mean, did it really take you guys that long to put out a few mixes, mixes that feel like they were thrown together at the last minute? This has definitely impacted my experience with the game. I think the game is great, and has a ton of potential that I would be willing to support with my purchase, but I'm not going to buy a game that Activision won't even properly support. So I am wondering if any DLC will be available in the near future, and/or if Activision will plan to release DLC on a regular basis. If not, then I ask that somebody please explain why Activision won't release any more DLC, and why they can't do it on a regular basis. Thank you for your time. I appreciate it.

Now, I didn't really expect an answer that was actually an answer, but I'm still kinda pissed. This was somebody's response:

Hello, Unfortunately, we do not currently have any information available as to whether or not additional DLC for the game will be made available. For an inquiry such as this, we suggest that you periodically search the online DJ Hero webpage at: www.djhero.com. Any updates relating as to whether or not additional DLC will be made available for the game should be made available on this webpage.

 They did manage to answer my first question, but anybody should be able to see there are still a few more that are left unanswered. I'm not only upset that they have hardly put any DLC out, but I am also upset that this person, this representative, couldn't answer all of my questions, or direct me to somebody that could. Even a vague answer would be better than no answer.
And this is typically my experience with all customer support departments for video game companies. Granted, not all of them are like that, but my experience has been generally bad. They just don't seem to treat the customer like they should. I basically threatened to never buy Activision again, which should be a red flag for a good company. I mean, I'm only one customer, but if all customers thought the same thing, wouldn't they eventually go out of business? I mean, some company's spend a lot of money in advertising and everything to get customers. Somebody told me one company spent over $200 per customer. So why would they throw it away with bad customer support? Customer support is a very important thing in a company. If you have a poor one, a lot of customers won't be satisfied and will just leave. Basically, I think it gives the company a bad image, and I think my experience within the past week with Activision has left a sour taste in my mouth, and I believe I will follow through with my promise to never buy Activision again. Scratch that. It's also because they hardly ever put any DLC up, there are only around 8 songs in the Music Store after being out for around half a year, and it costs $3 a song. I'll just take my business elsewhere.
So, in a nutshell, I hate contacting customer support because they don't answer your questions like you would want them to. Just like with many political leaders, they seem to answer your question without answering your question, if you know what I mean. I also hate contacting Activision's Customer Support because this is not the first time something like this has happened with them. Last time, I managed to keep the conversation going for about a week. This time, I think I'll just let it pass.


testing my own little blog. if you are reading this, then you must be really bored.


Cell phone games? Oh no. No no no.

Not really, at least. I don't really care about iPhone games that much. There aren't any major releases or anything on the iPhone or any other cell phone, and, well I don't play games on my phone. Not really my thing. If I want to play a game while away from home, my DS will probably be in my pocket.


So I went sledding today...

...and it was a lot of fun. Out here in Michigan, we got a lot of snow. Even in an area that usually misses out on all the closings, we got enough snow to close schools for 2 days, and it's still around.
So me, my older brother and sister, along with his kids went sledding today. It wasn't anything serious. Just went to an area dedicated during the Winter for sledding. The hill was pretty big. Not that huge, but good enough to have a good time on, obviously.
I got snow everywhere. But it was a lot of fun. Me and my brother fit in one of the sleds when he was standing up, and because of that he lost his balance several times since we were going down a hill. One time he flipped right over me. And another time he injured part of my arm, not seriously but it still hurts. We all had fun.
So Giant Bomb? Did you get any snow? Did you have fun with it (like sledding, or snowball fights)?


The worst game I've played this year?

I'd probably have to say The Conduit. This game really had potential, but to me it was just terrible. Sure, it could do some nice things with the engine, but I thought it still looked bad. The story was crappy in that it was probably already used before. And the multiplayer really wasn't as good as it could of been to me.
Actually, maybe it's not that it was the worst game I've played this year, but the fact that it disappointed me the most.


A chat with a DJ about DJ Hero

In case nobody knew, yes, I've been excited about the release of DJ Hero. It's revolutionary in my book, and FreeStyleGames deserves a lot of credit for the work done on this. Yes, it's expensive. But I'm still going to get it. $120. Should be worth it.
But some of that excitement went away when I talked to a real DJ. And a very good DJ at that. I can't remember his name; he was just my friend's friend. Anyways, he started talking about DJ Hero. I told him I was excited about it, and he said it looks sweet. But he's not going to get it. He later showed me some of his equipment and explained why.
His main reason was the songs. They weren't all that creative, from what he saw of it. Like on the commercial, with Eminem and Jay-Z. He said he didn't find the song all that good. He even showed me that any Hip Hop, Rap, or both genres mixed together was fairly easy to mix. Then he went on to show me a more complicated mix, dance and hip hop. It was pretty catchy, better than what we heard on the commercial.
His next reason wasn't so relevant, but was nevertheless good. His full time hobby is DJing. He has over 80,000 songs and broadcasts 24/7, with mixes over 29 hours long. Pretty impressive, his career.

To be fair though, he did add that it would be fun for anybody who would want to DJ. But he also said he'd rather wait for the next one. So would I.
Then again, maybe I should still have hope that I will enjoy it when I purchase it. But then again, maybe it'd be funner to DJ for real. There's some food for thought.
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