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A fun, competitive shooter 0

The 256 player count isn't as epic as it could be, but all that aside, MAG is still a fun shooter that any fan of the genre will love.  What if I told you that there was a online shooter? You might not be amazed, but if I told you that it can run 256 players at a time, you'd probably be surprised. As great as it sounds, anybody would know that it doesn't automatically make it a great game. Luckily, it holds it's weight, and is something any fan of the shooter genre would enjoy.  When you first s...

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Killings, investigations, and fingers; Another Ace Attorney game 1

Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney is a big improvement over the past Ace Attorney games. It brings everything you love to the table, except for the courtroom action, as well as a few new ideas that play out very well. The Ace Attorney series has been around for a while. After starting as a Japanese GBA game, it's become a phenomenon on the Nintendo DS, starring Phoenix Wright, and then later Apollo Justice as defense attorney's, proving their clients falsely accused of murder, innocent. But for the ...

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Still a great game, but a very lazy port 0

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is still a great game beyond a doubt. But it is guilty of being a very lazy port. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is the first console version of the classic series. As exciting as it is to see come to the Wii, it works out no better than it did on the Nintendo DS. If you owned it previously on the DS, you should consider what you're getting.  Enjoy swinging the Wii Remote. It's the only thing you haven't done before in the series.  It is what it is. It's Phoenix Wright...

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DJ Hero marks a great beginning for the series, and is great. 0

DJ Hero manages to mix fantastic gameplay and some of the best music ever put into a rhythm game, and is a great start for the series. Just like any other rhythm game you've played, DJ Hero lets you do what you probably couldn't ever do; make music. "Scratch and Mix the Hottest Hits." It sounds so simple, but that idea is put to such clever use in DJ Hero. Sure you aren't really making it; it's already been premixed. But like all other rhythm games you've played, it is so much fun, and DJ Hero l...

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The same great action from previous titles, and then some. 0

 Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mobilized is the third game in the franchise to come to the Nintendo DS. If you have loved what n-Space has done with Call of Duty on the DS, then you will no doubt enjoy this installment. It improves upon the last Modern Warfare with new, modern weapons and an overall better gameplay in quite a few, perhaps unnoticeable areas. In fact, if you haven't tried the series on the Nintendo DS before, this game might be a nice time to.   This FPS doesn't have too complica...

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Write Anything, Solve Everything 0

Scribblenauts is a great, innovative title that will offer tons of fun gameplay, if the controls don't get in your way. There aren't many games with an idea such as this. It's so simple, yet so much fun, and the only limits are those of your imagination. Write Anything, Solve Everything. That pretty much sums it all up. Scribblenauts is just a sandbox in it's roots, yet it plays as a lot more than that. That mixed with the great and creative levels, and not to mention great gameplay makes this t...

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And now, to test my theory... 0

The game stays true to it's parts, yet it brings another exciting story and more puzzles to the table that will satisfy, to say the least. Last year, Professor Layton and the Curious Village was impressive, to say the least, and definitely won my approval. So what should we expect but a sequel as great? Nothing more, and if that's what you were hoping for, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box will not disappoint.  The story is simple. There is something called the Elysian Box, rumored to caus...

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Not even a wannabe poker player should play this 0

Texas Hold'em Tournament plays too easy for anybody including beginners to poker. Not to mention, it's way of presenting the game hardly shames the Nintendo 64.Texas Hold'em Tournament is one of the few poker titles available on the Wii Shop Channel. It is just flat out horrible. The game looks bad, plays bad, and feels bad, and nothing makes up for the $5 price tag.There isn't much to say about what's going on because the title gives a nice summary. You are playing Texas Hold'em the entire game...

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I hope this isn't the definition of "High Quality Wii games." 18

The complete customizable controls and almost decent online multiplayer might add some replay value, but the short campaign and less than expected technical achievements make this game fall shorter than it deserved too.Haven't heard of it yet? It's The Conduit. Remember it now? Maybe not. Even though it's one of the most hyped games of the summer of 2009 for the Wii, it still falls shorter than anybody could've hope for. It is an achievement for the Wii, yes, but it's not the first alien sci-fi ...

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Nothing is undercover about how bad this game is. 0

Need for Speed: Undercover brings back the old gameplay everyone loved, but it’s so easy, lazy, and buggy that not even your average hotrod grandma will enjoy it. Let’s face it, Need for Speed: Most Wanted was probably the best street racing game you could possibly play. The cars were so hot, the sense of speed so violent, and the world so large and fun that it was a must for any fan of street racing. But then Need for Speed: ProStreet came and ruined the series completely with it’s racing, pla...

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2 years later and still not too bad 1

For anybody who has never played Pokemon on the DS, Pokemon Platinum is a great recommendation and something you must buy. For anybody who's owned the previous versions, it's still a fantastic RPG, but unless you're a Pokemaniac or you just must play with the new features, it's just recycled trash.Pokemon Diamond and Pearl has sold millions of copies worldwide, which means if you're thinking about buying this, you probably have a Nintendo DS and Pokemon Diamond or Pearl for it. If this is your c...

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You can't stop the music, but you can't choose. 0

[Disclaimer: Since there is no difference in gameplay or options from the original Rock Band game, this isn't a full fledged review]In December and June, Rock Band came out for the PlayStation 2 and the Wii in that order, both after the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. Although they came out after the other versions, they both lacked more features, including online play, Create-a-character mode, and of course, DLC (Downloadable Content). Now, Harmonix has fixed the problem by releasing track...

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We're going into WWII, again! 0

  The Wii has gotten quite some rap because of some crap it offers in any kind of games, especially first-person shooters. But Medal of Honor Heroes 2 for Wii does offer some comebacks for those rs of the Nintendo Wii and/or some of its games. The game, like most, is set in a WWII theme. You start off as just a normal soldier and what's going on is you are trying to figure out what Vietnam is up to. To do this, not only do you have to make your way to a certain point, but you have to sink three...

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Train your brain in EVEN MORE minutes a day 0

  Professor Layton is not just a Brain Age game. All Brain Age does is attempt to challenge you in easy ways that you learned to do in 1st grade, so easy that a 7 year old could do it (no offense). But Professor Layton and the Curious Village does way more than that. It challenges you in not only in basic ways, but it challenges you using logic. _ _ is 1,000 times _. The anwser is m, but how? This is the kind of thing that challenges everyone. You can spend 20 minutes on some of these puzzles a...

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That's the Mario Kart we know and love 0

  Last year, Nintendo shook the industry, especially Nintendo fanboys about a new installment to the predecessor in the Mario Kart franchise. This was then known as one of the most highly anticipated Nintendo Wii games in the gaming universe, and Mario won't disappoint.The game doesn't come along as it comes with a new peripheral specifically designed for any racing, the Wii Wheel. In two words, it's a plastic home. But it does a nice job of holding the Wii remote and making gameplay more fun. ...

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How are there no cops with Jimmy Hopkins around? 0

  Jimmy Hopkins is one naughty little boy who doesn't always keep his nose clean when it comes to being at Bullworth. He returns from the classic on the PS2 and has brought more hijinks than any other student, or game has ever brought.You start out as Jimmy Hopkins, a boy who was recently expelled for the year, returning to Bullworth academy. If you watch the first little movie, you'll see the secretary already reconizes you and informs you that the head master is expecting you. Obiously, he ha...

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The real difference between Mario Party 7 and this is the number 0

  Hudson has been with Nintendo working on Mario Party games for a long time. Not too long after the Wii came out, the development of Mario Party 8 was already underway. The thing that has most attracted fans are the minigames. Fun, little games that pits players against each other. The boards are also normally fun looking and nice to play on. You really do feel some competition in a game rated E. Unfortunately, little or no thought has been given to the latest installment in the series, Mario ...

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There's that new control scheme, there's that old junk. 0

 Excite Trucks is one of the many games released alongside the Wii. One of the few racing games to the Wii, it has brought a new idea to Nintendo that has changed how gamers will today play most of their more better racing games on the Wii.Before you can really do much, you need to do the tutorial. It get extremly annoying, but when you get done with it, nothing gets much better. It doesn't seem to offer much besides 2-player. The race tracks won't addict you, nor will the race cars. There aren'...

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Mario vs. Luigi 0

  t's is amazingly tough to believe that it has been around half a decade since the last installment of Super Smash Bros debuted. It is also extremly tough when you watch a Press Confrence and the game the announced was delayed 3 months when they guarenteed an exact date. Thats right, the game was announced at the Nintendo E3 2007 Press Confrence by Reggie himself, and since then, it's been such a huge buzz. Unfortunatly, it was delayed for more than three months, but now that it's out, every W...

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Wii will rock you 0

  When Guitar Hero came into play, it promised a full-fledged experience as a rock star. It was a little lacking that all you could do is rock, and that is when Harmonix realized that Rock Band came. A non-lacking experience was mandatory; Drums with a kick pedal, a realistic guitar, and of course, a mic. Not many other developers have thought of this, which is one way this game has amazed all.When you are in a band, you will have a drummer, a guitarist, a bass guitarist, and of course, a singe...

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