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The Most Mysterious Animals In All Of Gaming

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  • When you first BEAR witness to Teddie in Persona 4, he is known only as... Mysterious Bear... Although, after seeing that thing bound out of the fog towards you, unadulterated fear would overpower any intrigue towards his mysteriousness, plus you get a good understanding of Teddie over the course of the game. For these reasons, he can't rank as the most mysterious.

  • The benevolent economist who watches over the shrine in Persona 4 and fronts up SP if you're willing to pay. Again described as Mysterious, we learn little about this seemingly magical, bibbed vixen. Would perhaps be the most mysterious of all video game animals if not for...

  • Mysterious Lion is the most mysterious of all. It's right there in the god damn name. It even mentions how mysterious Mysterious Lion is on his Giant Bomb page. Is Mysterious Lion actually Jackie Chan in a traditional Chinese costume? WHO KNOWS! Mysterious Lion is also the only creature on this list that has been to EVO.