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Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Although I did enjoy this game, it took a lot of forgiveness and frustration from me to see it through to the end. The new combat system was a definite improvement and the story was good enough to hold my interest, but the game had so many bugs and performance issues. Enemies would disappear mid-combo, the anchor point swinging wouldn't always anchor to a point, the enemies and missions were horribly repetitive, and the frame rate dipped into the teens at the slightest provocation. The game feels like it wasn't play tested, which is a shame because controlling Spider-Man is as fun as ever and there is a lot of potential in there... but you'd be hard pressed to find it.


Better than being in line at the DMV

I've always enjoyed midnight launches because there is always this air of excitement and anticipation. Its easy to talk with the other people and have a good time knowing that you're all there for the same thing and share an interest in video games. My most recent midnight launch was for MGS 4.


What the Kids Aren't Watching but Should

Toonami is gone and I was a little sad seeing the final moments. Kids have such crap on TV now just like we did back in the day, but we had an awesome pot-bellied robot to provide said shows. This is my favorite Toonami intro from my favorite show:


Going Platinum

I finally got the Platinum Trophy for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and I can't wait to sell this game. I bought it on a whim because I heard good things but I ended up hating it on my first play through. So now that I've gotten my money's worth out of it, its times to get $5 from GameStop for it.


A National Epidemic That Must Be Stopped


People... we have a serious problem on our hands. We have ignored this blight upon humanity for too long, and I now fear that it has gained too much strength. Its seems to have no end in sight.

This entity has only two goals:
1. Steal you money.
2. Lower your intelligence by watching it.

We must stand as one internet based voice and fight back against this evil.

Okay, seriously... what the fuck? Why is this movie happening? Who green-lit this crap? These movies are never funny and I assume they don't make much money in the box office, so how... how do they continue to spawn a seemingly infinite number of sequels? Do the "writers" get pay checks for this crap? I mean, look at the poster. They pretty much listed every "joke" that will appear in the movie. I bet I can sum this movie up right now. No joke. Okay, ready?

Follow my instructions:
1. Focus on one character in the poster.
2. Imagine them walking down the street.
3. They say a line from a funnier movie (and Zohan was crap).
4. Then that character walks into an ankle high railing and falls down a hole.
5. Repeat.

There, give me a damn check. I have just done the same amount of work that the "writers" of these films have done.

Hello There Friends

Hi everyone, if anyone other than myself is reading this than I feel real special. Thanks to everyone who has sent me a friend request. I look forward to being a fellow day 1 Giant Bomber with all of you. Lets spread the word and help support this awesome site! Giant Bomb for life baby.