The gensis, evoluon and dwindle of survival horror video games

I was given a chance to choose any topic of choice for a research paper in a comp class I'm currently in. Whatever the subject was on, I would have to deal with a APA format because of the schooling I'm in for. So I have to figure out a thesis and make it up to 7-10 pages on my topic. Because I'm a gamer nerd lover, I picked survival horror video games.

It was said that I picked a subject that would make me bite off more then I could chew. I've had so much fun finding all the information dealing with the subject that I almost feel over-whelmed. So in some ways, yes, I could believe that statement. It's not that I can't ramble on and on and on about the subject, it's citing everything in proper format. Also making sure that I have enough information for fellow followers to read and look up yourselves. I know there are so many people in this world that love games, but I have limited myself to a small crowd. The one that I was bouncing ideas off of and I had great feed back, has parted from me. So I want to reach out to other fellow gamers and see if anyone would be up to talking about the different games out there. Older games perfered, because I haven't had the time to play anything current. I know of things like "Day Z" and the newest Res Evil 6, and would love to check them out some day.