Mega Ultimate Console Quest 64 64

Here in lies the continued record of history's Super Ultimate Console Quest. What follows is the 64th entry of the holy warrior Daneian’s epic tale against the forces of evil.

Here in lies my continued, valiant effort to harness the life force from every console our ancient Human fore-bearers forged with their lost alchemy. My bound quest log makes my challenge clear: to harvest a consoles energy, I must defeat one of its guardian games.
The journey has been a scorching hell but the future offers a quench to my thirst: the cost of failure for society, immeasurable; the cost of success to my purse, several grands. Yet my isolation is palpable- makes my flesh crawl, turns my skin itchy…Scratchy, my faithful companion my only conversation.
I was told this is my destiny; I wish I had the Elders faith. The prophecy insisted they cast me out. I wasn’t even allowed to look back. So I put my tiny fists like antennas to heaven and scream: ‘I shall collect every shard you heathen Gods demand but the reasons shall remain my own!’ Then I will bend armor, I will fold metal and I will pierce the Nomuramasa into the Dark Lord Waluganon’s throbbing, flashing no no place. And if I live, I will be reunited with my love. Stay strong and survive my dearest Princess Robin Williams. I'm coming...
  • +3 Attack- Defeating game in original format.
  • Double Jump- Console-primary release.
  • +1000 zenny- Use no franchise more than once.

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