Is xbox the way to go next gen

We have known for a while that the current generation of consoles was not going to be the last. Sony and Microsoft make a large amount of money from them, a PS5 and an Xbox...whatever number they come up with this time were going to happen. The time has finally come where we have some information about these systems.

Xbox one x console
Xbox one x console

I purchased a PlayStation 3 before and Xbox 360. While I eventually bought a 360 and an Xbox One, I had sort of rooted myself in the PlayStation ecosystem and it was a tough decision to drop everything and jump over. Because of this, I have just further embedded myself in the platform with a library of over 400 games purchased from the PlayStation store now.

Over the years I have let my Xbox accounts go idle which resulted in me losing my Gamertag and it is no longer available for me to use which is a bummer. The system came up with a good randomly generated idea for me to use for my Gamertag, but it wasn’t as good as the original one I had. Regardless of this, the Gamertag really doesn’t influence my decision to really invest in Xbox.

I do not own an Xbox One X but the improved hardware definitely tempted me to purchase one. I decided against it as I had an S and hardly play it. With the new generation on the horizon, I need to decide whether I am going to stick with PlayStation or switch over to the Xbox.

The specs of the next Xbox are impressive. They have built a system that is more powerful than the Ps5. We all saw the difference this made this generation with lots of games running 1080p on PS4 and the same game running 900p on the Xbox One. This isn’t really a game-changer but it is something that would bother me.

So far, developers have been raving on about the speed of the SSD that the Ps5 has and how it improves load speeds. The difference this really makes on the final performance of the game is yet to be seen, but we can assume it will be significant enough to make this a tough decision. Do you go with better performance or go with the best possible visual quality for a game.

I am sure we will start to get some gameplay videos and screenshot comparisons closer to the launch of both of the consoles. This will give us a much better idea of whether there is going to be a significant difference between the two.

As someone who has spent a lot of time collecting trophies, leaving them all behind for a new platform will be tough. I will be watching how all of this unfolds to really make sure i make the right decision.

As always, I will most likely own both consoles eventually. If the same trend continues that it has from the last two generations then I can only assume that one console will become my primary and the other will be forgotten about and used only for exclusive games.

This generation is definitely going to be an exciting one. Microsoft is out to beat Sony and make up for the mistakes of the last generation. Sony will be looking to maintain their lead and not fall into the same rut they landed themselves in for the PS3. We know for sure they will continue to publish amazing games. We just want to make sure that these amazing games are going to be running on hardware that gives us all the best possible gaming experience.

I can't wait to get more information on the consoles!

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