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I think that watch dogs demo will turn out to be the same as both the last of us demo and the hitman demo (hitman being the game that this is reminding me of most mechanically) I reckon there will be a multitude of ways to deal with any situation. Even in the club what would have happened if you had just waited inside or if you had gone out the front there was nothing pushing you out the back. Its always hard to judge a game with a hands off demo but am really excited for this although i cant see it being half as good this gen as it will be on ps4 ect.

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I really like this segment and enjoy reading both patricks thoughts on the subject and also manveers. Its refreshing to get a fully sided discussion that is not only interesting to read but also insightful. Us as consumers rarely get to see the working behind reviews that we read and the thought processes behind them. Personally i'm of the opinion that criticism has a place in reviews, but should not be the focal point. When i read a review the main points i am looking at are how the game performs, if like in uncharted the linearity detracts from the experience then yes it should be in the review but thats where it should end. I wouldn't want read a review of fifa 12 and the reviewer likes the game but sends the article talking about the necessity of annualized sports games.

All in all love the article and love the site.

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I like wwe 12 for some reason but that still doesn't change the fact that this game is seriously weird. Here are some of the things that bug me please add any things you have noticed!!

1. The fact that literally years have gone by in my road to wrestlemania yet the logo still shows 2011.

2. Seeing as that little wwe sign comes up at the end of every fight does this mean that my characters matches are the last match eery time even when they state openly that this is the first match of the evening?

3. Why no matter what town, city, small Tibetan village the weeks show happens to be hosted in all of the backstage is the same. They could have at least had a few its not as if the areas are massive.

4. Why does everything need to take place to the right of the vending machine!!!

5. Disappearing steel cages, custom mats , ref's, and god knows what else in the cut scenes