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Best of 2010

DanielJW: Best of 2010

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  • Easily the most time I've put in to a non-World of Warcraft game, ever. Outstanding concept executed incredibly simply and effectively. I think technically a 2009 game, but it hit Alpha / Beta this year, so whatever. It wins and it deserves it.

  • Easily the most time I've put in to a game ever. Still remains awesome.

  • Continually excellent.

  • Some incredibly emotional, even painful moments. Amazingly well done.

  • Most I've enjoyed a hockey game since '04.

  • Just some damn good fun.

  • Most I've enjoyed a soccer game since '99.

  • Really well made and addictive iPod game. While I sort of burned out on it after a full day of play with little desire to go back, it deserves props. For 6$ or whatever, amazing value.

  • Really interesting fiction and concept, solid gameplay. Fun little game.

  • I actually really didn't like this game, but I feel it deserves some recognition since it was exceptionally well made.