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No More Heroes 0

No More Heroes is what you'd likely call one of the more "hardcore" Wii titles. However that term warrants much less meaning for me these days as any game that isn't a mini-game collection seems to earn the "hardcore" prefix. Hardcore bullshit aside, this is a fun game. But there are so many problems with the game play and flow that I would feel uncomfortable just saying buy it.  He's our man! Our charmingly suave protagonist Travis Touchdown is your ordinary guy. He could be you or I, if you or...

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Redneck Jamboree Didn't Do it for Me. 1

Box ArtComing into this game, I didn't expect much. Really, who would with a name like Calvin Tucker's Redneck Jamboree, and an $18 price point. However, this game surprised me by shattering my pre-concieved notions of how terrible this will be, by being absolutely horrifically bad. This game offers very little to the player(s), a total of six mini-games, with five unlockable games, and one incredibly annoying "Cow Lottery" in between every, single, game. The motion controls were sketchy at bes...

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