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Hey folks. Just a heads up that I've changed the scheduling of my stream slightly to allow me a little bit of rest time and preserve my health. I'll still be starting at 10:00am EDT on Saturday, but I'll be taking a six-hour break from 19:00 through to 01:00 on Sunday, then playing right through until my scheduled finish time of 16:00 EDT Sunday.

Good luck to everyone taking part - let's get this classroom built!!

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@efesell: Thanks duder, I sense I'm going to need it. I've been doing some research and apparently there's a mechanic called "damage correction" which adjusts the power of combo finishers to better balance the combat for Zero EXP. It resets with physical attacks but not magic or summons, so it seems like the most viable strategies involve landing combo finishers to maximise the damage correction, then spamming the shit out of offensive magic and summons like Genie and Mushu to do lots of damage in a very short space of time. Sounds simple in theory but I'm sure the execution is going to be a whole other matter. I'm planning to get some practice in before the real thing, so hopefully I can get a handle on how that stuff works, as well as learning a bit more about revenge values for the really tough bosses (assuming they're a thing in KH1, because I know they are in KH2). Zero EXP also has a Second Chance-style passive effect where Sora keeps 1HP if he's hit by an attack that would otherwise KO him, so I expect that to be my saving grace in many situations.

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I'll definitely be looking to get in on this again this year. The last two have been awesome and raised a lot of money for a truly great cause. I'll be in touch when I've given some proper thought as to what I'd like to do this year.

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@iainfarrell: I really, really like this idea and would definitely like to be involved if it comes to fruition. Please register my interest and keep me posted. If Hyper Light Drifter is confirmed as the first game then I'll pick it up ready for next month.

Also, if you're into the concept of a "video game book club" then I feel obliged to recommend Giant Bomb moderator @thatpinguino's own podcast project, Deep Listens. Every two weeks, he and his co-hosts play the same game and then dive deep on its gameplay, story and presentation, bringing their own backgrounds in literature and philosophy into the discussions. I admittedly only listen to the episodes pertaining to games which I've already played, as it's become a bit of a tall order for me to get through a game every two weeks (one a month sounds way more manageable for me), but it's nonetheless one of my favourite video game podcasts out there. Plus, they were kind enough to have me on as a guest for an episode on Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath a few years back.

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Best of luck with this duder. You're one of the best currently active bloggers on the site and I hope this move works out for you. You've more than earned my subscription.

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The most memorable example for me has to be The Black Crowes. I knew nothing of them before hearing their song 'Remedy' on the classic rock station in Grand Theft Auto IV. I was hooked on it instantly, and over the summer of 2008 I dug deep into their studio discography. Ten years on, they still make the list of my top five favourite artists. The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion and Amorica are two of the finest, most underrated rock albums I've ever heard.

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There aren't many people I've met through the internet that I would legitimately call friends, but Cameron is absolutely firmly in that category. From the earliest days of the site (yes duder, I remember that Leisure Suit Larry avatar like it was yesterday) I've been bullshitting with him over so many things - from video games to writing and music. He's a fantastic writer, a trait that's evident in everything from his Giant Bomb blogs to his self-published novels. I bought all of his books in paperback as soon as I could, and I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation (speaking of which, if you're not already familiar with Cam's novels, be sure to look up "Rankin Flats Supernatural Thrillers").

Sending you and your family nothing but the best of wishes and all the good vibes I can buddy. Wishing you a speedy recovery so we can get back to shooting the shit about old JRPGs, quirky rock music and your upcoming fantasy novel. And thanks to Ryan for keeping us all informed of your progress.

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Some fantastic choices in the posts above, along with some albums I'm not familiar with but I think I'm going to have to check out.

Limiting myself to one album per artist, because if I didn't, this would predominantly be a list of The Who albums. Here goes:

  • The Black Crowes - Before the Frost.../...Until the Freeze
    • It was a toss-up between this and The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, but BTF.../...UTF wins out by virtue of being both longer and more varied, so will likely stand up better to repeated listening.
  • Clutch - Earth Rocker
    • Over the last five years Clutch have become one of my all-time favourite bands, and it all started with the release of this incredible album back in 2013. It's rare to find a band this on top of their game, this deep into their career.
  • Emmy the Great - Second Love
    • A bit left-field compared to the other, more rock-oriented picks, but this album holds special personal significance for me and my girlfriend. Closing track Lost in You is the song that brought us together, but the whole album is evocative of our relationship.
  • Explosions in the Sky - The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place
    • This instrumental album helped me rebuild myself after a particularly devastating loss about six years ago. It's just incredibly uplifting, optimistic music.
  • Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
    • Maybe a controversial pick over The Colour and the Shape, but ESP&G has been my favourite Foo Fighters album since it came out in 2007. It's a perfect blend of harder and softer songs.
  • The Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten
    • Another album from my "rebuilding" phase and one that will always hold deep personal significance for me. Much like the Foos pick, I'll concede it's not their best album, but it is my favourite.
  • Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti
    • Yes, I'm picking a lot of double albums here, but if I'm limited to just ten then I'm going to opt for the longer, more varied picks. There isn't a bad track on Physical Graffiti, and Ten Years Gone holds the honour of being my personal favourite Zeppelin song.
  • Paul Weller - 22 Dreams
    • This was another tough choice between two albums. While Stanley Road is the quintessential Weller album with the most hits-per-pound, I adore the conceptual nature of this more experimental stage in his solo career.
  • Radiohead - OK Computer
    • Probably the most clichéd pick on this list, but it's here for a good reason. In my opinion, no other album has captured the essence of modern life in such a stark, bleak, terrifying way and made it sound so hauntingly beautiful.
  • The Who - Quadrophenia
    • The easiest pick on this list. My favourite album ever. Has been ever since I heard it for the first time. I remember digging the vinyl out of my dad's record collection and listening to it in full every day for about a month. Even now I revisit it regularly, and I wouldn't ever want to be without it.
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I've just tried to access my profile again and all seems back to normal, so problem solved I guess? Mods, feel free to lock this down.

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I'm having some problems viewing my own profile page while logged in on the site. Currently, whenever I try and access my own profile landing page while logged in, I'm faced with a 500 Internal Server Error. If I'm not logged in, I can view my profile just fine. I can view other users' profiles, and even subsections of my own profile (such as my blog page or lists page) while logged in without issue.

I'm using Google Chrome as a browser on Windows 10 and an Android phone, and the error is present on both devices/OS.