With so many awesome new games coming out and on the horizon, what am I doing with my game time? Playing Gen 1 Pokémon, apparently.

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Games I Have Played In 2017

And so another year rolls around, and with it comes another list of games played within that year. 2017 marks the ninth time I've done this here on Giant Bomb. Next year will be the tenth anniversary. That seems like absolute madness to me.

Welcome, one and all, to my list of Games I Have Played In 2017. As always, for a game to qualify for this list, I need to beat it between January 1st and December 31st 2017. For a game to count as 'beaten', I need to have seen the end of its single-player campaign. Games with no discernible end are still eligible for the list if I spend a substantial amount of time with them through the year.

Alongside each game you'll find a wealth of information, including the following:

  • Platform - Unsurprisingly, this reveals the platform on which I played the game, as well as whether it's a standard physical purchase, or if I picked it up from a digital store.
  • Started - The date I began playing the game.
  • Finished - The date I reached the 'end' of the game's campaign, or the date I stopped playing it if it's a game with no discernible conclusion. For certain games, I might also document certain important milestones under this heading.
  • In Brief - A short summary of my time with the game, typically outlining why I chose to play it, what I liked and didn't like about it, and any notable moments I ended up having with it during my play-time.

Last year I beat a rather pathetic total of just twelve games, far and away my worst year since I started documenting this stuff back in 2009. Hopefully this year will see the credits roll on a few more games.

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