Dan's Games of the year 2016

2016, what a year a lot of really shitty things happened in 2016 a lot of great people died. Overall I think everyone is ready to give it up and move on to 2017 and hope for a better year.

But as far as video games go, 2016 was an amazing year for games. Here are my top 20 ( I couldn't decide on just 10) games of 2016

I also fell hard back into World of Warcraft after 5 years, this year playing hours of Warlords of Draenor then falling out hard when Legion dropped, I know all my friends seem to love Legion but I think I have had enough WoW.

This list was really hard to nail down. All these games are amazing in their own rights and you should definitely play them all.

List items

  • Jonathan Blow knows how to make a game, Braid is still one of my favorite games of all time and after years of waiting the Witness came out, its a beautiful island full of puzzles. The sense of progression you feel as you learn the different types of puzzles, suddenly the puzzle that seemed impossible at the beginning of the game is now totally solvable. Honestly this game could be a master class in intelligent game design. With stunning visuals to back it up.

  • Doom who would have thought this game would be number 2, but wow what a great surprise this game was. Stunningly beautiful, Horribly Brutal, Blistering Fast and fun as fuck. All with a shredding heavy metal soundtrack. ID somehow managed to have all the right pieces to make Doom hit those nostalgic notes for the original Doom and yet somehow feel like a completely modern game. Doom was a game where I had a smile on my face the whole time I was playing it.

  • What is Firewatch? My third game of 2016. What a wonderful game Campo Santo made, a great mystery story, beautiful visuals with Olly Moss behind them. Unforgettable voice acting, everyone needs to play Firewatch.

  • As a follow up to Limbo, Play Dead's Inside is a piece of art. The dedication and effort that was put into every piece of this game shows.

  • I can't believe after 9 years the Last Guardian finally shipped and was for the most part an amazing game. Trico is an incredible companion who moves and acts like a real living animal. My only real gripe with the game is the camera and controls can really drive you mad at times.

  • Fun. Titanfall 2's campaign is a blast with some wonderful if underused mechanics throughout it. And the multiplayer is incredible with surprise moments always coming up.

  • Another game by Naughty Dog and another showcase of their expertise and tech. This game is probably the most impressive showcase of video game engine tech around. They found a way to make another uncharted game. But at the end of the day its another Uncharted game. I can't wait to see what Naughty Dog can do with some new IP. Hopefully after TLOU 2 we get to see something new!

  • Wow what a great revenge story, production values are so good. and you really feel like you are there in '68 in new Orleans.

  • Another game that has been in production forever, but somehow seems to be a really great game.

  • oof this game it's been nearly a year since I played it and it still moves me. A game made by the family of a young boy who bravely fought a battle against cancer and ultimately lost that battle. A touching and real video game, that shows the grace one family had in this horrible situation.

  • I know Jazzpunk came out on PC in 2015 but the directors cut came out on the PS4 in 2016 and that was my first experience. What a wonderful wacky and truly funny video game. Love this.

  • This game could have been so much better Remedy did make a solid game but I think if less effort had been spent on the tie in tv show and more on the gameplay this could have been amazing.

  • My favorite game series is either Metal Gear or Bioshock. Since I have a Bioshock tattoo and not a Metal Gear one I guess BioShock wins haha. This HD remastered collection was so wonderful. And I loved the excuse to play through Bioshock 1 and Bioshock Infinite yet again!

  • Me and my daughter played so much of this game this year it has to have a place on this list.

  • Ratchet and Clank has always been one of my favorite series. And this remake of the original is so good. It was the first game that felt like I was playing a Pixar movie for real.

  • Watch Dogs while not a horrible game was completely and utterly boring and forgettable. Watch Dogs 2 has style. It has great characters and an almost too close for comfort story line.

  • This is a wonderful VR game. It had honestly scared me good.

  • This games presentation is awesome as a David Lynch and Stephen King fan this story was right up my alley. Highly recommend.

  • Alone adrift in space after the space station you were on exploded. you go around putting together the pieces to figure out what happened. All the crew but you is dead, as it comes together the sense of what you may have done starts to weigh in on you.

  • This game is incredible, The beautiful animations give you a pure sense of scuba diving with incredible love and details given to rendering all these real species of fish that behave as you would expect them.