Dan's Games of the Year 2017

2017 was a great year for me personally, even as the world sorta fell apart. But boy were there great video games that came out. There was too many great games to only list 10, so once again here is my top 20 games of 2017.

List items

  • Night in the woods is such an incredible game, one of the most real and well written games I have played, the art is incredible and it deals with some really heavy issues like mental health very well. Also the dialog is some of the greatest and most genuine I have read in a game.

  • Giant Sparrow's follow up to The Unfinished Swan is a series of vignettes of a 'cursed' family discovered by going through their Winchester house like home. I had such a great time while learning the story of this family that kept persevering even though appearing to have such bad luck. I can't recommend this game enough.

  • Man killing Nazi's is always fun. I have always been a fan of Wallenstein from the first time I played Wolf 3D on a 386. And Machine Game's sequel to their awesome Wolf game is truly a masterpiece. Non stop action and over the top situations make this a great ride from start to finish.

  • Tacoma changed a ton over the development but ended up being such a great game, A very cool sci fi story told through AR recordings of past events as you piece together what happened. It truly is a work of art by Fulbright and it has a cat name Margaret Catwood. <3

  • It took me 120 hours to beat Persona 5, a game that oozes style. I think the length actually took away from it. It wasn't as good as persona 4 but still a great game worthy of the Persona name.

  • The story of Nier is something else, it needs to be experienced to truly understand how special this game is.

  • A game that when released has issues with controlling on the PS4, I played the demo and didn't like the feel, but later in the year it was on sale and they had patched out the issues, I was so glad I picked it up. Such a great game very reminiscent of Bioshock

  • I always have enjoyed the Yakuza games, and 0 is an awesome addition to the series.

  • Steamworld Dig 2 took what they made in the first game and expanded on it so much improving it in everyone. What a fun game.

  • I haven't had as much fun in a Mario game in a long time. Nintendo knows how to make amazing games and really makes the Switch a must have console.

  • Hellblade is a great game set in the viking era and deals with mental health issues very well.

  • Naughty Dog swings and knocks it out of the park yet again, I thought after Uncharted 4 the uncharted series was done as it felt like they had wrapped it up perfectly this side story is probably my favourite uncharted game to date.

  • The last Assassin's creed game I had really enjoyed was Black Flag, but Origins took alot of inspiration from Destiny and made a new spin on the series and was a fun game.

  • PUBG is a fun game. 100 people parachute onto island last one standing wins. you have only the shirt on your back and must find everything. Madness ensues.

  • A big callback to SNES era point and click games. Well written and a cool story. I love this game.

  • This game is great I wish it was higher on my list but so many good games this year.

  • I played this entire game in VR and holy shit was that a terrifying experience. By far the best Resident Evil in a long time.

  • I burnt out on Destiny 1 very quickly but I played Destiny 2 for a long time, it was a great game. I had a ton of fun.

  • This remaster was incredible and being a whole new way to experience this great Adventure game.

  • This is an awesome switch game. I can't ever get enough.