Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice

2014 was a different year for games, the new hardware was freshly out and a lot of games were definitely disappointments, Watchdogs, Assassin's creed unity, etc all full of bugs and other issues.

Destiny definitely had fun game play but to me who has no interest in the multiplayer portions felt like a unfinished game.

Here is my list of my games of 2014.

List items

  • Although initially skeptical about this game from previews and early footage, I almost wrote it off thinking it would be a pretty but uninspired monotonous game. It was probably the funnest game I played in 2014 and the closest I have seen a game come to Pixar quality visuals.

  • I always had a special place in my heart for Wolfenstein back from the 3D days. Machine Games knocked it out of the park, with great shooting, and even better story telling. Giving BJ serious depth as a character was an amazing feat.

  • Supergiant Games has shown again that they can create an amazing world. This time bringing in incredibly complicated but manageable systems to experiment with. Transitor is a game that I don't think will be forgot soon.

  • If you enjoy Matt and Trey's humour this game will be a hit with you. Mario RPG systems mixed with original and funny South Park humour is great!

  • Although short this game got me so excited for the Phantom Pain.

  • WWI is not that often touched on in video games or even movies, This game really hit home just how horrible that war was for everyone involved. Beautiful and haunting.

  • Just as crazy as the first game, this game is nonstop action and more of Platinum's wonderful style.

  • Another game I was not really expecting much from but was an amazing experience. Beautiful graphics, Tight game play and the Nemesis system is amazing and truly next gen.

  • One part Fez, one part Echodrome. Monument Valley is a truly fun and beautiful puzzle game.

  • Maybe not as good as the previous games in the series, this was the first game of the year to really show the power of the PS4 for me. It deserves a place on this list.