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I'm major geek in my late 30s and have been playing games for nearly all of that be it on the 2 Pong clone consoles we had in my house while growing up or the Space Invaders Cocktail Cabinet at the local family pub my family used to go to for lunch on a Sunday. I'm pretty much into all forms of geekery, be it gaming, comics, roleplaying, etc.

I suppose I would also say I'm an otaku, I've been fanatical about JRPGs since the second half of 80s and have been watching anime from around about the same time. While my favorite genre is JRPGs I will pretty much give any game a go. Not a huge fan of sports games though, not a huge fan of real sports either, which might have something to do with it, plus I don't seem to have the skills to play them well.

JRPGs have been a huge part of my gaming life since playing though Final Fantasy I & Dragon Quest I with a friend on his import NES and have been playing them since, as you can probably guess from my top 10 games of all time in my lists section.