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Slick gameplay makes up for a disappointing lack of challange 0

The quality of Christmas cracker toys is in a downward spiral. Last year I won a cheap plastic comb, while my brother's pack of cards had no spades in it. Do you remember years ago, you might win one of those tilting ball-mazes where a steady hand and patience were key to success? Well, replace the steel ball-bearing with a rotund treasure hunting archaeologist, drop back to two dimensions and you have the basic idea behind this charming puzzler. Though Dr. Diggabone's adventure doesn't r...

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Sprint, Jump, Die, Tweet, Repeat. 0

It seems Twitter has penetrated every aspect of daily life. If your plugged into the twitterverse you've probably heard of people running 1200 metres before crashing into a wall and tumbling to their death. This is the final part of every attempt at Canabalt; a run-em-up game of cartoon, urban hurdles which rewards patience and persistence with an auto-tweet button to show your friends how much free time you clearly have. Canabalt is a single-level game where you control the jumping of a man spr...

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Entertaining singleplayer, addictive multiplayer & co-op to boot! 0

Modern Warfare 2 takes place five years after the events of of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Despite your best efforts, the ultra-nationalist have wrangled control of Russia proclaiming Zakhaev, everyone's favourite one-armed bad guy, as a national hero and political martyr. As in previous Call of Duty games, you step inside the body of several distinct characters over the course of  the campaign's five to seven hours of gameplay. Though entertaining, the story itself twist and turns so radica...

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Peggle's success lies in its simple but addictive gameplay 0

Peggle is the sort of game that relishes in word of mouth. Since its original PC release in early 2007, it’s has been bouncing from platform to platform appearing on Apple’s iPod, Valve’s Steam service and most recently on Nintendo DS. Fans of the series will be pleased to know that not much has been lost in the translation to Xbox 360, and if players unfamiliar with the series can look past its cutesy exterior, they’ll find a deep and skillful game that deserves any gamer’s attention. At first ...

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A polished, stylish, fun-filled & feature-packed game. 0

EA Blackbox took advantage of a downbeat genre to release ‘Skate’ back in 2007; a critical darling which dumped arcade high-scoring gameplay for a more realistic trick-centric approach. Though the first game received oodles of praise for its innovative design, it wasn’t without some obvious flaws and Skate 2 does its best to eradicate most of them.Story wise, Skate 2 continues a few years after the conclusion of the first game, 5 years to be exact, all passed away incarcerated in San Van prison....

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Memorable story & deep multiplayer makes GOW2 a solid package. 0

Microsoft’s hype machine was set to eleven in November 2006 when the first iteration of the Gears of War series hit shelves worldwide. Epic rode the wave and created one of the best games of this generation while simultaneously knocking Halo off the Xbox Live most played list for the first time in two years. A sequel was inevitable, but with a twenty-four month turnover and the aforementioned hype machine running at a steady five or six, you’d be forgiven to think Epic were going to rest on thei...

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A glorious mix of old gameplay and 21st century presentation. 0

There are certain games that should never be remade; classic games that exist fondly in your memory, covered in fuzzy nostalgia, never to be experienced again. All too often we are exposed to horrific remakes of these titles, complete with snazzy new graphics, struggling to cope with the transition to the analogue stick. Sensible World of Soccer was always going to be a remake for the fan. Fans that were not going to appreciate any deviation from a formula that created, according to last years G...

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N+ punishes you for hours & still has you crawling back for more. 0

N+ should be instantly recognizable to anybody who's familiar with the guilty pleasure of flash games. Taking the lesson of internet success, this Xbox Live Arcade port of the online classic is a perfect example of less is more gameplay. You control a two-dimension ninja whose sole goal is to collect gold against the clock using a variety of running and jumping moves. Each of the 250 areas in the game has an exit door which is opened using an expertly placed switch in each level. As the previous...

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