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Top 10 Adventure Games

My favorite adventure games, though I only chose one from each franchise. Otherwise it would be a lot of Monkey Island and Quest for Glory and not much else.

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  • It's possible for me to have a conversation only using quotes from this game. I even used to call my girlfriend "Plunder Bunny" until she (rightfully) put a stop to it. Hell, the theme song from this game is my cell ringtone. Yes, this is the greatest game in the greatest series in all of adventure gaming.

    If you've never played it, then you've never known the joy of insult sword-fighting, vegetarian cannibals, or a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle. I feel sorry for you. Plus, you fight like a cow.

  • The only game to truly use FMV in an effective way. I was obsessed with this game for weeks, and determined to complete it without ever consulting a walkthrough. It's probably one of the only times I've ever done that, but it was worth it. Absolutely incredible.

  • I love the Quest for Glory series from start to finish, and have played through every game as every class. In fact, reading an article about the series is one of the reasons I even got into adventure games to begin with. The denouement of this game is one of the most emotion-inducing moments in gaming. I actually felt... heroic.

  • You're not going to find a bigger Indiana Jones fanboy than yours truly, and as much as I love Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, I have to give the edge to this one. Great puzzles, dead-on characterization, and a story that rivals the movies.

  • One of the most beautiful and well-written games of all time. If anyone ever wants to argue about whether or not games can be a true art form, sit them down in front of this and after 15 straight hours of not being able to look away, they may sing a different tune. The only flaw is the control system, otherwise this game is pretty much perfect.

  • Who would've thought a genre known for it's brain-bending puzzles could star the two biggest idiots in pop culture and still knock it out of the park? The puzzles are as ingenious and downright devious as a LucasArts game, and it's fall-over laughing funny. Too bad the same can't be said for it's awful sequel...

  • You know you have a hell of a list when this game is # 7. A truly amazing story, some great puzzles and characters, and a sweet soundtrack. Yes, I admit I knew all the words to "Girl in the Tower" back in the 90s.

  • As beloved as the series is, this is probably the only Leisuire Suit Larry game that was a compelling adventure with or without the humor. I can't quite explain my own affection for it, but it's one of the few games I've played through multiple times, and that says something.

  • As if the well-constructed brain teasers weren't enough, the central mystery is actually fascinating in its own right. As improbable as the premise seems, by the end you find out how true it is when the Professor says: "Every puzzle has an answer!"

  • Though the repeated assets from episode to episode were a bit overused, the top notch humor and voice acting really make this one a pleasure to play. Reality 2.0 was a really neat concept, and any game that appeals to my Lincoln fetish is an automatic hit.