Underrated Games

These are some of my all-time favorite games that I feel deserve more recognition from the gaming community.

List items

  • Great fast-paced multiplayer action that is still as fun today as it was 30 years ago (assuming you have access to four spinner controllers).

  • Enjoy "griefing" your friends? This is one of the earliest games that I know of where you can drop an electrified bucket of water on your buddy's head.

  • Given the options, I guess I choose skate?

  • Awesome trackball shoot 'em up. I never get tired of the hero's victory dance after each level.

  • Alternates between one-on-one Street Fighter-esque battles (though very simplified) and a sidescrolling action game. Aim high! Aim low! Block!

  • Specifically the Lynx version. How many times can you flip in BMX without crashing?

  • A puzzle game that goes from enticingly simple to incredibly devious over the course of its 99 or so levels. Also: Cat people like to punch ghosts.

  • This was Trials before Trials was Trials. Or something like that.

  • Specifically the Game Boy version. "Listen Cow, you don't like me and I don't like you. Let's throw bowling balls at each other until someone cries."

  • One of the most bizarrely violent games ever. Save animals from being poached by brutally murdering a bunch of human beings. Best end boss reveal of all time? Perhaps!!

  • The only baseball game I can stand to play, and that's because every character has SUPER POWERS!

  • Snakes like to eat balls, this is common knowledge. But did you know eating balls can make them grow to enormous size? It's true!

  • This is the best game in the Double Dragon franchise. You can grab someone by the arm and kick them in the face. You can throw a punching bag at them. Need I say more?

  • In my opinion, this sequel is every bit as good as the original arcade game.

  • I was actually moved by the ending to this game. It's not unusual to save the world in a video game, but when have you actually felt like you were REALLY a hero?

  • I'm not an anime or manga guy, but I love this game! Started the trend of putting sentient bears in fighting games.

  • Cyborg Justice is sort of like regular Justice, only with more TEARING OFF ARMS AND PUTTING THEM ON YOUR OWN BODY HOLY CRAP!!!!

  • Hands down the best beat 'em up about sentient baseball equipment ever made.

  • For reasons I will never be able to explain I found this game incredibly addictive in its day. It MIGHT be terrible but I will always love it.

  • No theatrics, no ladder matches, no story of any kind. Pure wrestling with hundreds of different moves. Incredible.

  • OH MY GOD. You fly around on a rocket shooting other dudes with a grappling hook and smashing them into things. It's like Just Cause 2 only WAY better and on a rocket.

  • My personal favorite Neo Geo fighting game. I play as the girl with the bunny ears, but the little kid riding the monster and man and the dog in the tank are cool too.

  • I know this game has a significant following, but I still consider it underrated because it's EVEN BETTER than you've heard. Why am I not playing NOLF 3 on my Xbox 360 right now? This needs to happen!

  • I maintain this game is better than any other skateboarding or snowboarding game ever made, and not just because of the gonzo story (though that helps!).

  • I might not be able to finish typing this up, because there's a good chance I will suddenly get out my PSP and start searching for more raw material to make more furniture for my