Extra Life 2014 and me

Hello Community

This time of the year has finally come. Extra Life, helping Children's Hospitals and enjoying crazy stuff Giant Bomb will do. Last year was epic and this time with couple locations and crews it will be even better. OF course our community is also doing its thing. I would like to help out.

For me it's special for personal reasons. I have recently moved to South Korea to be with my fiancée. Long story short she left me without giving a reason why. Now I feel kinda broken and doing something good and important is making me somehow manage in this crazy world. This is why I really wish to be an asset in the GB Extra Life Group. I will be participating and broadcasting

from my current place of residence. I don't have the skills, looks of voice of the crew but maybe someone will enjoy Polish dude speaking in terrible English while broadcasting from Korea. If so please tune in to twitch channel and support the movement. Donate to group so we can reach the 175k goal and most important have nice time. I know I will just by believing I'm participating in something important.



Later I will update with the US time that I will start streaming but I have check all the logistics/ do the math.

And GB Page if anyone forgot about it http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.team&teamID=14311

You probably don't know me but in this situation it doesn't really matter. Maybe after October 26th we will become good friends just because I dig your stream or we did Batman Batman routine in the GB chat like in the old days. I know Extra Life makes me feel better and it may be important for you too. Shouts out to all great people on GB.


My Shocktober 2013 - day01 R-Point

Like @patrickklepek I have my October horror movies tradition. This year since I'm living in China and my girlfriend is Korean I have decided to stick mostly to Asian movies.

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Day one is behind me and I have decided to check out R-Point - Korean flick from 2004 with troops as the heroes.

Action is set during Vietnam War and small squad of soldiers sent to search for soldiers that have disappeared 6months ago but have recently sent rescue request. 9 soldiers are sent to the non-conflict area known as the R-Point. Mission goes on pretty well until they notice a rock covered by Chinese characters telling that the area was place of tragic massacre and on the lake filled with bodies somebody decided to build the temple. Now anyone with blood on their hands will never leave the area. At that point people are getting more nervous and their trigger fingers are getting really itchy. The pressure goes up as the days pass and weir things occur. Are they loosing mind or is it work of some kind of curse, demon or ghost?

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I have to say that the atmosphere of this one is pretty cool. We can observe soldiers loosing it and seeing as exposure to strange things and bad luck can make you go crazy. Its lacking a bit on the story side and it could be developed better in that area. There is just a mention of other troops stationing there and we can only assume their stories. There is not much blood or gore but it has that eerie climate.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this one and its vibe similar to Deathwatch and the Bunker but with more oriental setting it makes it more interesting. I have to say it did not disappoint and it was refreshing to not get some crazy twist at the end and keeping action to minimum was good idea on the director (and writer).

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Summer 2011 Challenge

I checked my game collection and wallet. first one was full of titles while the other one was full of dust. Since its summer and I have some spare time I decided to challenge myself. My goal is to finish 200 games I have not finished previously. It may be impossible but I will do my best. After couple days of playing on xbox its interesting to see that some games didnt get really old while others are nearly unplayable because controlls are not up to standards or gameplay is too archaic. 
 It is quite refreshing to play all the titles I had not enough time to finish or got stuck and was to lazy to finish.
Are you going back to older unfinished titles?

 Here is my list with my progress on this challenge.

Any ideas for good older games?


Goin' horror

This week I'm starting my preparation for student exchange in China. SInce I will be without my stationary consoles for whole year (if not more) I have to get my portable gaming on.