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"Hope a worker won't die" the game. 0

If trying to figure out the ratios between gathering resources and item production, while setting up the most efficient system you can, is the most satisfying aspect of city-building games for you, then Banished has you covered. But if you want a game with tiered production, where you have to go through a tech path, then you might find Banished lacking. Though, given its scope, it is not something you should expect from this game. The only way to play Banished is to generate a random map and try...

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It is time to get back to your virtual doll house 0

               After I have played the first 100 days in one of the originals Sims’s expansion packs, some new information started appear. It was those “did you know that” windows in the top-right corner of the screen, but this time rather than explain how different elements of the game work, it showed little pieces of text about the game makers. It was interesting to read about the people that started a series that would become the best selling PC game franchise in history. And now, the third i...

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