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Wake up, John 0

The Master Chief is back! To some people, they may groan at the thought of playing as a character that hardly speaks and lacks some personality, but in Halo 4 343i has written the chief as much dialogue in this game as he's had in the previous 3 games he has been in. He is given a little bit more personality and is left in a very interesting position with himself by the time the story wraps up. The story in general is the most mysterious it has been since the original Halo, and includes some rev...

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Extremely immersive and scary 0

This is a scary game, and not in the cheap monster-in-the-closet kind of way although there is the occasional moment like that. Amnesia's scares don't come from just it's grotesque monster design, it's a lot more focused on it's sound which create a menacing atmosphere for the gloomy backdrop. The main scares from Amnesia instead come from the feeling of total helplessness. Monsters will hunt you in the dark cold corridors of the ancient castle and you can do NOTHING about it except hide and pra...

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Very fun arcade action 0

Let me say this straight out of the gate; Motorstorm Apocalypse is a fun, fast and frantic arcade racer. Fun as it is though, it is definitely not without it's flaws.This entry to the series is the first not to be set in a natural setting, instead taking place within the ruins of a city torn apart by horrific natural disasters (hence Apocalypse). In the city, lunatics have decided to call the city their own and start rioting the place. You'll be driving past these lovely locals in the races whil...

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