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I'm curious about this game, but they announced the Steam version to have a character editor where you can swap in a PNG or something and make that your character.

It'd be pretty cool to have Miku or Ganon from Melee as a party member so I'm waiting for the Steam release.

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I just started this game, well I'm 10 hours in. The game definitely feels like a step back from Nocturne or the Digital Devil Saga games, I think it's still cool.

You definitely have to be the kind of person that enjoys dungeon crawlers to play this one, but the demon designs and the general personality of the game really carry it for me.

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I really dig the poster. I do think it's a little too minimalist for the game. However, I still think it works.

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Phoenix, AZ, USA

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    Makes me sad that Giant Bomb has zero Smash fans, but I did appreciate the shout out to the Smash Documentary. Unless Melee gets a true sequel I do believe Melee will played competitively for a very long time. The amount of inputs per second required can rival what is seen in Star Craft and the most popular MOBAs. Easily one of the best competitive games out at the moment.

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    Awesome, followed immediately, great job!

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      I think it's funny how many people established in the industry like the Giant Bomb guys have zero interest in Smash 4.

      As a competitive Melee player that has played the demo and is now convinced that Sakurai managed to meet Melee halfway between Melee and Brawl I believe this game is going to sell gang busters on Wii U and 3DS, to a degree that will confound people like Jeff. Not saying Jeff can't predict the success, but he himself may struggle to see the appeal even with high sales numbers and things like the Smash Documentary.

      Smash is a strange thing. For people that know the systems incredibly well between Smash 64, Melee, Brawl and P: Melee. I think most Smash players would say the 64 version is 'most' (using it loosely here) like your average 2D fighter. So it's not surprising that, that version is Jeff's favorite.

      Smash is a fighting game that is super open, it's as deep as you want it to be. If you play it for fun with people that play it casually then it will never appear super deep, but if you play it with people that take it seriously, with or without items, you will find depth there. It's just a lot easier to see when all items are removed and players are forced to master movement and spacing to discover what the characters can do on their own.

      After the E3 Demo I was pretty skeptical, but after playing the Demo last night, I'm convinced Nintendo managed to make a game that will appease more competitive players and new comers alike.

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      Just applied. The amount of quality submissions for these positions must be pretty ridiculous. I got sort of bogged down by the 5MB limitation, but I think my solution worked well enough.

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      @steepinkline said:

      I'd be willing to bet the reason there's been no status change for those of us who applied for Sr. Editor is that they're ALL gonna get passed to the GB crew (or at least the vast majority). That way they can sort out for themselves who works and who doesn't.

      Then again, that'd be a bit time-consuming, so...

      That's basically what I'm betting on, anyone know of a particular date that they won't be accepting applicants anymore? I'm going for a specific feel/theme to my resume/cover letter etc and that takes time.

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        You guys are killing me! Double Dash is the only strategic Mario Kart in the series as it allows players to manipulate player positions and punishes players for blindly driving into first. Like a fighting game, a great Double Dash player will know when to be offensive (head to first) and when to play defensively (stay back and hold items.) Until a Mario Kart features double items like DD, no other Mario Kart will ever be as strategic.

        I could go on and on, but yes, you guys are waaaaaay wrong. I love you guys, so you're forgiven.

        Yes, I know, I'm so merciful, you're welcome. <3