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You've played this before, but not like this. 0

Bungie's last Halo is out, offering everything we've come to expect from a Halo game. Full-fledged multiplayer, added and upgraded game types, as well as a solid campaign. Bungie hasn't been sitting idle in a vacuum of their own ideas, they've obviously been taking notes to improve the game we love, Halo, but is Halo: Reach the best?     While the conclusion of Halo: Reach is known before hand, it doesn't mean the game is incapable of packing a wallop. If you're familiar with the Halo univ...

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Late Opinion: Great Combat, but Underwhelming Plot. 0

It's easy to complain about XIII's linearity, but harder to overlook the game's unique timing based combat that allows for players to literally air juggle their opponents.   One of the first things I noticed about Final Fantasy XIII was that opponent's had a lot of health. I did a lot of damage and their health bar never lowered all that much from my attacks. While games like Dead Space may have expertly removed the HUD (Head-Up Display) by placing key information on the player's avatar, Final ...

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