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Misunderstood game is misunderstood. 0

To start, I love this game. If you haven't checked it out please do so. It's now free to download from Abandonia.I've read countless reviews for Sid Meier's Covert Action, all with the common theme. They reference what they call is the "Covert Action" effect. They claim that this game is a perfect example of how many different gameplay concepts put together can sometimes lower the overall enjoyability factor.I disagree.Many older style games generally start off hard and intense, then quickly get...

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Arkadian Warriors - The Layman's RPG 0

Something that has been lacking on Xbox LIVE has been a solid, story driven RPG. Although this may not completely fill that void, Wanako Games’ Arkadian Warriors is a somewhat fun addition to the RPG genre, even with its many shortcomings. As the title suggests, you are a warrior of Arkadia. Your ultimate goal is to save your town against the threat of the Gorgons. Sounds simple? Clearly the story isn’t the strongest link in the Arkadian Warriors chain, but it isn’t the weakest either. Your ch...

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