Top 10 Games of 2016 that I ended up buying but haven't gotten around to play yet

The Stack of Shame. We all have it. All those games we've accumulated and somehow haven't gotten around to playing yet. In these digital times, I bet even you have acquired some games on a sale that are just sitting there in Steam or GoG. Maybe you have some "free" ones as part of your PlayStation+ or Xbox Live subscription that you downloaded and then never touched? As a physical collector it's even worse as they sit there on your shelf and as you see them every day you think "I should probably play these before buying new games".

There were some games I had sitting around from last year which I finally got around to playing in January and they were great. Undertale and Life is Strange was some of the best games I've played this year and it makes I glad I bought them, even if it took a while to get to them.

2016 ended me up with many, many more games that I haven't played. Most of them are even still sealed, because I don't see any reason to unpack them until I wanna play them, but before we move on to the list, I just wanna give a shoutout to da real MvP of this year who has kept me entertained for hours and probably one of the reasons why I haven't played other stuff:

Old Game of the Year: Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront is great. I don't care what anyone says, it just encapsulates the sights and sounds of Star Wars so well. It also runs super smoothly on PS4 and it's quite a technical marvel. The reason why I like it so much is probably because of the simple mechanics. Many modern games get more and more complex, but an old man like me can keep up and stay competitive easily without having to worry about weapon attachments or weird helicopter controls. After the first two months and 60+ hours of game time, I got a little worn out with the core game, but in June I picked up the Season Pass (which I knew I was gonna do once they added Lando to the game) and I've played at least 150 hours more of Battlefront. The latest VR mode and Scarif DLC as hype for Rogue One was just icing on the cake. The way they've structured playlists is super smart as well, so even with a ton of new maps and modes you always find full games of people to play with. It is a fantastic game and I hope EA is gonna do a new Battlefront game soon with even more content.

Anyway, on to the list

List items

  • I legitimately know nothing about this game and even so I picked up the collector's edition. I've seen a couple of screenshots and know that it's 2D art, might be some sidescrolling strategy/action game and prior to release I received emails about a multiplayer beta? Anyway, can't wait to get around to kicking myself in the ass and play it.

  • I bought the original Odin Sphere a couple of months after release, played it for an hour, got distracted by other stuff and here we finally have a HD remake which I *also* bought close to release and haven't even touched yet. I know it's even better than the original, since they took out the stamina system and you now really can go to town on the enemies. Gotta check it out soon!

  • I love Fire Emblem, but I was a bit chuffed at missing out on pre-ordering the collector's edition of this game, which is the only way to get all three games on a single cartridge. I actually ended up paying scalper prices on eBay for it, which is something I generally don't condone. I should play it soon.

  • Dex got a physical PS4 release earlier this year, which I snagged up instantly, since I liked what I saw in the Quick Look. Still sealed on the shelf, but I *will* play you Dex!

  • Touhou finally came to the PS4, except it's not the traditional pick-up-n-play SHMUPS, but rather all this doujin soft inspired off the Touhou universe. This could be one of those cult hit, hard-to-find and valuable collector's editions that you HAVE to get at launch, right? Haven't touched it yet... I'm not even sure how it plays, but I think I heard that it's a bit like Wartech Senko no Rondo on 360? I should find out.

  • This is legitimately the kinda game you gotta pick up with the quickness if you can find it... Even if you don't have time to play it. First of all, it's a bit of miracle that a crossover game with characters from so many different companies even exists, but availability has also been rather scarce. The main reason why I haven't played it yet is actually because I'm still not done with the first one.

  • Street Fighter V feels like a greedy product: The limited roster, poor single player offering and the fact that it doesn't look all that different from IV, was borderline offensive. This is why I think KoF needs everyone's support. This game feels like it was made by a passionate staff who only had limited resources, but still did their best. A weird change from the 90's where SNK were cranking these out every year, KoF has become the underdog fighting game I want to support. I should probably also play it, too.

  • I heard very good things about this one on the podcast and the SteamWorld collection was released physically a few months ago, so obviously I picked it up Day-1... but then Watch Dogs 2, Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty kinda got in the way. I'll play it soon though!

  • Who doesn't love anime tiddies?! I love the creator and the ridiculous games he makes and I hear this one is actually even further evolved in the gameplay department over Senran Kagura. I bought it, I want to play it, but I haven't had time, yet. Anime Tiddies 2017!

  • Gravity Rush is one of the best games on the Vita and I was kinda stoked to get back into it on PS4, but somehow I bought it and other stuff got in the way. Remasters are fine, but when there are new games to play, you sometimes wanna do that instead, right? I could probably play through it again in HD before the sequel comes out.