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Top 10 Most Anticipated Releases of 2016

As 2015 draws to a close, we look to the future... of video games.

It used to be simple to know what to expect. The formula of making games was so established, that it was easy to figure out what to anticipate, well in advance. If this year has been any indication, you can't count on anything any more! You might end up buying a game that is broken and will never, ever work properly or you might play something that warps and changes in the months past release, to the extend where you start to worry for the new players who has to enjoy it.

There's also all those smaller games that pop up out of nowhere and end up being everyone's favorite, and maybe those will be the ones to top off my GOTY 2016 list.

Here's a wild stab at what to look forward to in 2016. It'll be fun to look at this in a year and think "What an idiot! How could anyone like this game at all??!!"

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  • This has to be the big one. Those new headsets are coming out next year and everyone who has tried them out say that they are a lot of fun.

    Looking at it right now, my favorite dog in the race is PlayStation VR. They've been the ones to show off the most traditional games so far and I think there are benefits to a closed system, compared to the ramshackle nature of PC headsets. I guess it's a bit like comparing iPhones and Android phones, with the PC headsets offering more options, but might miss one or two really nice features or games that you end up only finding on PlayStation VR. If it was cut and dry, I'd probably end up buying both types of headsets, but if the PlayStation VR turns into an Xbox One Situation, where every game is ported to PC anyway, then the Vive end up being the one to get for me.

    It'll be most interesting to see if it really is the future of videogames this time.

  • XCOM 2 is a known quantity by now. It comes out in 2 months, there's been a ton of previews of it, it looks great and only comes out on PC (for now), so it'll probably not be broken.

    A fun-looking sequel to a fun game!

  • It's a sequel to one of my all-time favorite games. How could I *not* be excited for this? It sure doesn't look a lot like Valkyria Chronicles, but maybe it'll turn out to be just as amazing as that game.

    Even though so little is known, it still ranks up here for me.

  • 2015 was a fantastic year for games and yet it was the localization of a game from 2012 that ended up as my number 1 GOTY... and now Sony's announced that they are localizing Yakuza 0 as well!

    I've already let my excitement known in the forums where I've posted some dev videos and having been a fan of the series for a long time, I'm confident that this sequel will be equally amazing. Fingers crossed for a 2016 release!

  • They're making a HD remaster of that first one and they got a sequel coming out!

    The first one is probably my favorite Vita game and, more importantly, one of my favorite superhero games. It's stylish and moving and I can't wait to play 1 again on PS4. Iterating on the systems and stuff is probably most of the reason why I'm excited for the sequel. I hope it'll be even more amazing than the first game.

  • Those gosh darn high-school students are at it again: Summoning demons and saving the world at midnight, every night!

    With the last installment being waaaay back on the PS2, it will be a pleasure to see the game on PS4 in a super crisp and stylish way.

    Guaranteed to make fictional friends that you'll never forget!

  • From the early days of the original game, people have been wanting it on PC and now it's finally happening. I never did spend a lot of time with Dark Arisen on PS3, but I'm very excited to delve into again on PC, because it's a ridiculously fun time. All the tropes of Western RPGs through a Japanese lens, is a surefire recipe for success in my book.

  • This HAS to come in 2016, right? They wouldn't push it further back again, would they?

    There's a couple of danger signals popping off for me on this one, however.

    It's Tom Clancy: Regardless of the gameplay, every game with the Tom Clancy name has always had the most bland, uninteresting, tacti-cool story. God rest his soul, but his stories felt like they were invented by a guy who tourettes, who instead of swear-words would uncontrollably scream things like "NUKES! PMC! TERRORISM! SPECIAL FORCES!".

    It's a Ubisoft game: Ubisoft's real good at making flashy-looking games that you want to play, but then they end up being ridiculously repetitive or boring, but with just enough redeeming features to make you buy the next one. While we are at it, let me just unofficially add Watch_Dogs 2 to my list right now, because I'll probably want to play that too.

    Complaints aside, early reports is that The Division is a loot game like Diablo and a semi-MMO like Destiny. That sounds like a winning combination to me, so I'm looking forward to this one a lot.

  • While that Final Fantasy VII remake looks to be nice, I bet it won't be out by 2017, so my pick is going to be Final Fantasy XV. I've spent quite a bit of time on that Demo they put out earlier this year and the gameplay felt solid. The voice acting also has that cheesy 90's feel to it which I really enjoy, so I hope they stick to that and won't be as self-serious as the games with Lightning in it.

  • New platforms are always exciting. Very little is known of the NX at this point, other than the fact that it seems like they want to move away from the Wii and Wii U. It's not even known if it'll come out in 2016, but just looking forward to more info on it is exciting.