Gaming Playlist - April 2012


Binary Domain

Binary Domain does so much that makes me happy and wishes for more. Once you get to upgrade your weapon, the combat becomes much more enjoyable, and the way in which enemies will come apart as you attack them is really cool. After certain sections, you'll get time to chat with your team members and your responses to them, as well as performance of certain skilful actions in combat will raise their trust in you, improving their effectiveness. I thought the story was interesting, and some of the cutscenes were very well done. The larger enemies you encounter are very entertaining to fight, though a few sections became slightly arduous and gruelling. Also, the voice commands feature is really bad and doesn't work for the most part. I want to give the multiplayer a go, but more than anything I'm looking forward to discussing some of the crazier moments of the game with someone else. Recommended.

Ridge Racer Unbounded

Unbounded doesn't make it easy for you, as Eurogamer highlighted in their review of the game, as its not clear from any in-game information just how to use the drift button. I wouldn't say its as necessary as they make it seem, but as it is so different to other, similar titles, it should have been explained. The game is also light on additional features within the single player mode, which leaves you to just get on with racing, which is difficult throughout but satisfying when you're in the moment. You're forced to repeat events you've already won, making sure to cause more damage and bust through more of the environment in order to bag more points and unlock more events. It looks stunning, especially in the neon/strip-light filled areas, though due to the fact that the levels are built from template blocks, no track has its own identify that I would find myself loving in Burnout, and to a lesser extent, Split/Second (which suffered the same issue but at least had unique 'set-pieces'. It takes elements of both those games but stands up on its own two feet if you're into combat racing as much as I'd say I am (which is a whole damn lot, by the way).

Metal Gear Solid 3

Got such nostalgic thrills from playing this again, though I decided to do things differently this time. The main change was that I didn't cheat myself around The End boss battle by changing my system clock like on the PS2. This time I started by sniping and ended up chasing him around, shotgun in hand. This is a quality experience that I originally was close to ignoring; That first area of the game was tough to love if you didn't know what to expect, and I hear it has turned others away. To those people I say pick up the HD Collection and power through, because it is one of the best games ever released and if you love MGS, you won't regret it and possibly find your new series favourite.

Mass Effect 3 (Multiplayer)

I had a couple of long evenings in multiplayer with friends, and despite the combat not having that responsive feel to it, I had lots of fun. Changing up your weapons and equipment, gambling on waiting for the bigger packs, and going for completion of a silver tier map are all key elements of the experience, though I recommend only playing it with people you know, headsetted up. Nothing more frustrating than playing with randoms.


I played FEZ in 3 long-ass day-long sessions before completing all content save for the Monolith (which I later went back to do). The aftermath consisted of scrawlings of notes, open discussion threads on X360A in my browser, and a wide-eyed gaze given to people once I stepped out into the real world after a day's worth of geometry-rotating, platforming and puzzle-solving. Playing this on release week, within the zeitgeist where everyone is working together to solve the toughest bits, was awesome and not something that happens very often. Its a solitary experience that I shared with strangers.

Trials Evolution

A far better game that Trials HD, with more variety, modes and a better difficulty curve, which ultimately goes to then fuck you over with its cruelly designed Extreme tracks and platinum medals. Local multiplayer is hit and miss as the scoring system for Motorcross events doesn't leave you feeling like justice was served. Will keeping plugging way on occasion but I feel I'm reaching the limits of my abilities in some areas.

The Witcher 2

This is the best time I've every had with an RPG, I've never felt more invested and got more enjoyment from any such game. The setting and story are top notch and I'm happy it came out on a platform I could play it on hassle-free. Just reached the end of the game, part way into May and it loses steam for sure, but it is still a 5-Star experience for what it delivers. I will be going back in on a harder difficulty to really get the most out of it.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (MP Beta)

This is looking really promising. I was ready to write it off despite my love of the series, but it is bringing back memories of clan matches. Hopefully there will be friends interested in playing too as I'm not sure what kind of mileage I'm gonna get out of playing multiplayer with randoms forever.

The Walking Dead (Episode 1)

Good start, better than recent TellTale stuff and the visual design is strikingly comic book-like, though the effect your decisions have doesn't seem to be too strong just yet. Looking forward to the release of Episode 2, would welcome more bitesize experiences like this, I'm a fan of the business/release model.


VidRhythm, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (Lantern Run), Space Channel 5 Part 2, Warp, Xenoblade Chronicles, Civilization V, Rock Band 3, The Darkness II, Devil May Cry HD, Asura's Wrath, NeverDead, Hitman: Blood Money, Uncharted Golden Abyss.


Binary Domain [2012] (5)

Metal Gear Solid 3 HD [2012] (5)

FEZ [2012] (5)

Trials Evolution [2012] (5)

Ridge Racer Unbounded [2012] (4)


Games of the Year:

Binary Domain, FEZ, Trials Evolution, Ridge Racer Unbounded, The Witcher 2, Mass Effect 3, Syndicate, SSX, Journey, Alan Wake's American Nightmare


The Witcher 2


The Witcher 2