Monthly Summary - December 2011


Uncharted 3 (4x)

- I don't care what anyone says about it suffering on account of its scripting, but holy crap is this an awesome ride. I love the combat and the difficulty, and it was always exciting and interesting.

Toy Soldiers Cold War (3x)

- We had great co-op fun, it was consistently entertaining and engaging, highly recommended for couch co-op as a unique base defense style game.

Rage (7x)

- Fantastic combat and interesting universe, there doesn't end up being much too it but I still enjoyed it. Can't compete on a narrative and story level but again the combat makes it worth recommending.

Vanquish (4x)

- Fast-paced and exciting in its own way, like Bayonetta in the future with guns, looking forward to MGR:R!


Saints Row 3 (28x)

- Played for hours on end in co-op with Stu, picking up collectibles, finishing activities and getting achievements. After 37 hours and spending most of my time off, I got all the achievements.

Forza Motorsport 4 (10x)

- This has become my current game to play whilst listening to podcasts, its really well designed and a solid racing career experience.

Pullblox (8x)

- Best 3DS game so far, if you have the console go charge it up and get this. Then go find some QR codes for amazing user created levels. Challenging but addictive, like any great puzzler

Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes (4x)

- Great fun and a real challenge, I'm having trouble progressing as it takes some skill. Looks great and is very original. Picked it up in an Xbox LIVE Ubisoft sale.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (4x)

- Another difficult puzzle game, I'm having problems working it out but I want to push forward as its intriguing and amusing.

Xenoblade Chronicles (4x)

- After reading about this one I took the plunge and am not regretting it. Something about the music, voice acting and overall theme is pulling me in. Tough decisions on my next main game are ahead.

Sonic Generations (3x)

- Not yet gelling with me, I don't like getting slowed down and its attempt to tug at my nostalgia strings isn't working. To be continued...

Gears of War 3 (3x)

- Joined Lorena's Dad to play co-op in his Campaign mode, then a bit of Horde mode. Want to play more.

Mortal Kombat (2x)

- Fucking difficult, feels like when I win its cos the game is giving me a free pass after failing so much.

Modern Warfare 3 (2x)

- Played some of the campaign and split-screen co-op. Had more fun that I did with Battlefield's story and co-op but its lost the magic that I loved from Call of Duty 2. Miss that game.

Rayman Origins (2x)

- Graphics and music a firing on all cylinders, loving the platforming.

Rock Band 3 (2x)

- Got the keyboard for super-cheap new from GAME, still enjoy going back to knock out some tunes.

Skylanders 3DS (1x)

- Played for a bit and it'll become my place to upgrade those last Skylanders before tackling the final 360 version level again.

Shoot 1UP (1x)

- Fun shooter mechanic where all of your 'lives' are in use at the same time and you use the triggers to contract and expand your ships.

Skylanders (1x)

- Need more projectile Skylanders for the final level. Lost all my lives after a 20 minute, so THANKS for THAT.

Halo Reach (1x)

- Played online in a 3 player free-for-all. Good stuff.

Doritos Crash Course (1x)

- Played online with Lorena.

BEST OF 2011

Check out my Best of 2011 List for my Games of the Year.


Uncharted 3 [2011] (5)

Toy Soldiers: Cold War [2011] (4)

Rage [2011] (5)

Vanquish [2010] (4)


1 - Saints Row: The Third

2 - Forza Motorsport 4

3 - Pullblox


Forza Motorsport 4