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Hey my name's Carlos, im a PC Enthusiaist. however i like not just to game on PCs i love to build them too, Im working on a build right now and ill put the specs up when its done(Specs bellow). As far as games go i love the Half-Life Franchise... to think about it just about all Valve games. I used to play CS1.6 and CS:S but i switched up to CoD4 and i love it.  played through the Orange Box and its great, Im kinda starting to like Team Fortress 2.  I played through Bioshock because all of my friends said it was really good, plus on PC is only $30, so i got that and loved it. 

I used to have a Wii but i sold it for Computer parts =P I am also grateful for the people that host the local LAN parties i go to, without them i don't think i would still be a PC gamer.

Codename: Goliath
Codename: Goliath

PC Specs
  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 
  • Cooled by: ZALMAN CNPS9700
  • GIGABYTE X48-DS4 Motherboard
  • 2GB PNY Optima DDR2 800 + 2GB Corsair DDR2 800
  • Cooled by: Corsair Dominator RAM Cooler (Triple 40mm fans) 
  • Segate 7200 rpm 250GB Hard Drive
  • CD/DVD Burner (never expected that did you?)
  • XFX GTX 260 Black Edition
  • NZXT Nemesis Elite edition Case
  • PSU: BFG Tech 650W 
  • OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit
  • The 3DMarks test was performed with an industrial fan on the side of the case.

3DMark06 Score: 14142 (as of 11/30/08)