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This game is horrifying for all the wrong reasons. 1

I never got a chance to play Resident Evil 4 on my Game Cube before I sold it, so when I was walking through a Half-Priced Books Store I was presently surprised to see Resident Evil 4 had made it to the PC. After hearing all the praise this game had got, and my current craving to crap bricks, I bought the game. You start off playing as Leon who is sent into a creepy forest, to find the President’s daughter (Ashley) who had been kidnapped. soon finds that Ashley has been abducted by a bunch of ...

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Kane and Lynch, good or complete crap? 1

Kane and Lynch isn't an ugly, ugly game, in fact it’s incredibly under-rated. The hate surrounding this game has shunned it when it has done nothing wrong, that would be EDIOS and C|NET that have caused issues, not Kane and Lynch. When you play this game you have to keep a straight face and an open mind, and you will find a burred gem with a lot of problems. Kane and Lynch starts off with you breaking out of jail. Kane is on death row for killing twenty-five people in , and Lynch is on death ro...

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Best Medal of Honor yet. 0

Review written about a year and a half ago, on GameSpot. (My GameSpot account is Pvt.KIDO)To start off Medal of Honor Pacific Assault has revived the Medal of Honor series with new innovative mechanics, stunning graphics, and intense action. Most of all Pacific Assault brings new fun to a worn out genre of crappy, good and amazing World War II shooters. Game play: Unlike previous installments of Medal of Honor, Pacific Assault gives you a squad to help you out. They will come in handy for you w...

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Bad Company is nearly perfect game. 0

Battlefield: Bad Company looked like your average shooter when it was first announced but attention was quickly increased when D.I.C.E. said that the environments in Bad Company where 90% destructible, and after numerous delays and a month of fragging in a demo, Bad Company is finally here. Battlefield: Bad Company is a first time for the Battlefield series in many ways, A) It’s the first Battlefield game that isn’t a spin-off of the PC version of the franchise, B) Battlefield Bad Company is th...

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Halo 3 only dissapoints for part of the game. 0

Well, I loved Halo: Combat Evloved and hated Halo 2. So I wasn't really expecting much from Halo 3, but it turned out to be a great game but it has its far share of problems and in my opinion this game isn't even close to deserving a perfect score.When you first start up Halo 3 you should start off playing the Single-Player, for it has changed a great deal sense Halo 2. One of the changes include actually playing as the Master Cheif for 100% of the campagin this time around. The story takes plac...

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Is Gears of War as good as everyone says it is? 0

Gears of War takes place on the planet Sera where this Alien race started to break through the planets crust and kill everything in their path. The COG is the human's race last hope and they have to rely on an inmate to defeat the Locaust.Yeah, yeah I know that story has been done to death so many freaking times I've almost stopped caring about the story in my Sci-Fi shooters. The sad thing is what I just described above is about as deep as Gears of War's story gets and the campagin feels more l...

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