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DARKLYTE, like any self-respecting narcissist (and hey, which one of them isn’t?), is a guy that takes pleasure in indulging in superficial stupidities like referring to himself in the third person and practicing nigh-unhealthy amounts of ego-masturbation.

His aspirations in life are humble, wanting nothing more than to become the best (motion)graphic designer the world will ever see and the first Asian man to win a Pulitzer for a porn script of the “gonzo” variety.

Asides from doing things of an artsy-fartsy nature, he also willingly surrenders much of his spare time to activities regarded as “geeky” by the common man, such as reading the latest issue of Batman or playing the newest iteration of the Devil May Cry series. As a result, his is a sad life; a tale of sexual frustration and tears.

Also, according to a recent test taken at the world-famous Facebook Center of Really, Really Credible Research, he is Seth Cohen from The O.C.