Games that encourage punching a horse in the face.

This list is devoted to games that encourage punching ungulates.  
This video is highly relevant to the list:

List items

  • Come on, this game has a 100 point Achievement for punching a horse in the face entitled "Horse Puncher".

  • Pretty easy to do, horses are everywhere, your hands are on your arms. Just connect the two. I believe the only naturally hostile horse in the game is a Unicorn, and that's close enough to a horse to warrant a punching.

  • It has cowboys, horses and guns. One of these is vital to it's appearance in this list. The only reason you'd be encouraged to punch a horse in the face would be if it was ridden by an enemy, and that's not fair on the horse.

  • To be honest, if you punched a horse in this game you're playing it wrong. But I suppose you might be desperate and the only way to fight your way out is to punch. But in most cases you'd just get stabbed by the rider with a big pointy stick as he went past.