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FarCry 2 makes a good first impression, but soon leaves you bored 0

  FarCry2 is the sequel to the 2004 First-Person-Shooter that was praised for its high level of AI and enemy behaviour which brought a whole new strand of realism to the game that helped the player feel as if he was Jack Carver. FarCry2 doesn’t leave that behind, although it is plagued by travel times, gameplay issues and repetitive combat sequences. It improves on immersion so much that when you see one of your AI friends (or “buddies” as the game calls them) get shot down by a jeep-mounted mac...

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Own this game. 0

  The first game in the recently announced trilogy of Saints Row proved itself as an over-the-top arcade-like alternative to Grand Theft Auto.   The sequel does not disappoint, as almost all aspects have been improved including the graphics, gameplay, activities and fun factor. The sheer number of things to do, combined with the competitive and co-operative multiplayer modes will make this game last a very long time for most ardent gamers. You play as anyone; almost any face could be made with ...

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Red Alert 3, a review of Campaign and Skirmish. 0

As the sequel to Westwood’s popular 9 year old RTS, RA3 had a lot of expectations for a ludicrous, funny and well made game and although the entirely cooperative campaign and storyline is witty and long, the graphics and small amount of things to do after completing the main story dampen the experience. The opening cutscene starts with the defeat of the Soviets as the Allies reign supreme after the end of Red Alert 2, but General Krukov and Colonel Cherdenko (played by Andrew Divoff and Tim Cur...

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My trek through the Capital Wasteland. 1

After Oblivion, Bethesda’s 2006 hit, the expectations were extremely high for Fallout 3 and the game doesn’t disappoint. Although some fanatics of the original Fallouts may not fully appreciate the move from top-down fully turn-based to a hybrid of the latter and first person shooter , fans of previous Bethesda games will recognise the core movement, navigation and little secrets they have added. In fact there are a huge amount of similarities between this and Oblivion, although instead of wande...

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