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Small things make this game pull away from perfection 0

Firslty, let me say that I do love this game. However, thinking about this game critically changes that perspective. OK, now then, dont get any illusions-GTA is a great game. Maybe not as good as the hype, but still great. The gameplay is good, the graphics are good...just about everything passes the 'good' mark. However, some key parts almost made me give this game 5 stars.  The first one was the voice acting. Strange reason to give a game a 5, but still-once you hear this game, it sets a bench...

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Probably the best Naruto game this side of the world 0

Naruto always has had a lot of potential which many game developers try to squeeze out of the franchise. CyberConnect2 and Namco Bandai have definitely come the closest with NUNS. The game is beautiful, with a great in-depth fighting mode, and the Ultimate Mission mode is just about the right length to actually play through it again and get the 100% that everyone desires. In fact, in almost eveything it has done, it is pretty much perfection. However, it misses out on key things that could make ...

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Fantastic game 0

I got Champions of Norrath because me and my brother had just played Marvel Ultimate Alliance twice and really enjoyed it, so we set out to hunt for more of these kinds of games. We found this on 'the other site', and we bought it and played it. We played it some more, and a bit more afterwards. All in all, we played about 50 hours in the week. And that is because Champions of Norrath is a great game-it has a vast variety of characters, a good variety of setting, and some other really neat stuff...

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