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 You may know me,I'm VercettiTommyy from Gamespot & DarkyHBK from IGN.If not,I'll bring you up to speed.As a gamer,I only like PC & Wii ,I can't stand the other consoles.My favorite games are Mafia,Mass Effect,Company of Heroes,GRID,Resident Evil 4,STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl,Bioshock,Crysis,The Movies,World in Conflict & many others.I mainly listen to all types of rock & metal,but my favorite bands are AC/DC,Iron Maiden & Nightwish.I also love reading,my favorite authors are Stephen King & Karl May & my favorite book is The Shining by Stephen King.My favorite films are The Godfather part 1 & 3 & Saw 1 & 3.My favorite TV series is Lost,followed by 24.I only like blonde girls,so my favorite chick is Emilie de Ravin (Claire from Lost).If you want to,contact me on Xfire (darkyhbk) ,or on Last FM (DarkyHBK).Cheers!