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  Yeah that pretty much sums up my activity over this past week, with a few maths homework brakes. :) High school life seems very cool, & bloody hell, we have some really really hot chicks in our class. Some funny things happened too,but I won't go into details. Been listening to a lot of music, played a lot of FIFA Manager 08, Crysis Warhead & STALKER Clear Sky. Oh & some Call of Duty 4. Also,I intend to learn to play an instrument cause we all wanna form a high school rock band & I still can't decide: rhythm guitar or drums... Oh well,anyways,that would be all, so bye-bye :D


Alrighty now...

  Haven't been active on GB for the past several weeks. some lack of activity,& we all got back to GS. I decided to stay on both. no longer doin' common blogs,I just throw one here & one there...
  Today it was cool,I mean I went to the dentist,then I went to woozie's place & we played some Worms Armaggedon. Then I went with him & a girl (just a friend,been classmates with her in the last 8 years & will be 4 years more) for some drinks,& we had some fun. Got back to grandma's house (where I stay now),installed & played Mercenaries 2 (cool game),& then decided to get annoyed even more by the last puzzle in Still Life (cool game),which I passed merely 5 minutes ago! Oh,yesterday or so I completed FEAR Extraction Point (cool game)(the best FEAR imo,really the scariest FEAR).
  My back & left wrist are still recovering from the fall,but guess I'll be okay now.Alrighty,gonna go eat,bye-bye!


Just to say...

  These days I didn't sleep too much,dunno why,just couldn't do it. I'm playing a lot of games,just finished Rainbow Six Vegas (great one,I'm going trough Vegas 2 now) & Desperados 2 Cooper's Revenge (very annoying,but cool enough if played as a 3rd person shooter). Now I got really pissed at Psychonauts,but Star Wars Republic Commando is too linear to get stuck,& it's also pretty easy. Now here I am, drinking coffee & preparing for some more Republic Commando.Maybe all of it.Tommorow means Vegas 2 & Penumbra Black Plague :)


War on Turkey (GB exclusive)

   Yeah well it's some time since I last wrote a blog, but whatever.I didn't know what to tell you about,but now I do. I'm playing Supreme Commander (3rd UEF mission) & Medieval II again,I'm conquering the whole world. I began the campaign in April I think, & I've got the whole Europe (except Cyprus,they rebelled). Me & the Mongols are attacking the Turks from both sides,& they'll get destroyed in a matter of turns.Then I'll focus on defeating the Mongols, finding the remaining Maurs (who somehow are located beyond the Holy Land) & conquering Egypt, which became quite an opponent. Sadly,those fucking rebels sunk my one of my two crusade ships bound for Acre,killing my best commander. Oh well,at least I managed to bring the crusaders to victory.Oh,I didn't mention that I'm playing with the Holy Roman Empire (ze Germans!!!), that I'm the only catholic state left,that I have the Pope & the whole College of Cardinals under my rule.Sweet.
   So, howz ye'all doin'?



  Well to tell you about Woozie's party. It was cool, we had a FIFA 08 Championship which I totally won (2-0 in the final) ,a FlatOut Ultimate Carnage party in which by some unknown conspiracy I only got fourth place. We also played Monopoly, in which I managed to steal 2000 $ (4 500 $ bills) before the game began,& also stole about 6 houses during the game. Three of us won it.Me included. And don't worry Cloud, I didn't get drunk.One can o' beer can't possibly pwn me. :lol:
  Today I played Space Siege & Manhunt in shifts.I got mad at Space Siege cause I found the same clichee as in Blacksite Area 51...& 10 other alien games. Your ally commander is captured by aliens & suddenly turns against you, believing in a higher goal & all that crap,so you'll get another bossfight.Duh... In rest I upgarded me & HR-2 to full armor,health & damage power,got some new skills in the skill tree,blah,blah,blah...
  In Manhunt I tried out some new killing ways with a couple of objects... totally love the red one with the baseball bat,where you hit a guy's head while his is knelt down & you crack his head & his brain splashes into tiny bits on the wall. Oh,& every headshot should look as cool as it looks in Manhunt.
  I've also posted my fresh Condemned Criminal Origins review.Hope you like it,I did everything you taught me to do. What ya say? Danutz? Ron?
  Alrighty,gotta go crack some heads.Stay safe! :))


Space Siege + party + Scarface

  Aye comrades,the long awaited Dungeon Siege in space has finally arrived. The most shocking aspect of it is that it takes less than 2 GB to install, which I thought it was impossible nowdays.Well it might be repetitive and all you'll do is kill aliens,upgrade yourself and the robot & kill more aliens, but who said that wasn't fun? What I really don't like about it is that you won't level up,you'll just get 2 or more skill points after completing some important quests.At the upgrade station you'll upgrade yourself,your weapons,your robot & build some items,such as grenades or med-kits, in exchange for the upgrade parts you collect from dead aliens and destroyed objects.It's like a bit more complex Shadowgrounds Survivor turned into a H&S (hack & shoot),but not as fun as SS was.The  interesting thing is that you can install some special parts on yourself,like a mechanical eye,hand or arm,which will eventually turn you into a robot.By doing this you lose humanity,so I sure don't want to do that.It makes you stronger,but duh,I can handle 'em.I'll just want to get down to 90% humanity in order to gain acces to a very useful skill,but I'll remain there,no matter what.
   I've also started contributing on certain articles on GiantBomb,nothing big so far but I'm doing my best.In about 4 hours I'll be off to Woozie's birthday party.I'd tell you what I'm taking him as a present,but you'll tell him & I don't want that to happen.So you'll find that out after his party.
   Alrighty,gonna go aquire some ice-cream with dad.Stay cool...:)

PS:Also seen the movie Scarface yesterday.It was awesome,it is one of the best movies I ever saw.The plot is very much like the one in GTA Vice City,but it also has some common things with Mafia. 180+ F words,superb acting by Al Pacino,great script,simply awesome film!

PPS (exclusive for GB):hope you like my new user icon :))))



  I started this blog with the clear intention of describing how simply awesome I was when I killed the final T-Rex & completed Turok,a quite good shooter I'd say.Well something obviously went very wrong & I just found out that one of my favorite ex-teachers (dirigintele in romana,daca stie cineva cuvantu' pls tell it),my ex-maths teacher, has died this morning. That's not cool at all,so it's been phonecalls & phonecalls between my & my ex-classmates all evening.So I feel obliged to go to the funeral which is Friday...golly,that's almost tomorrow.Well I just wanted to say Rest In Peace here too.He was quite sick & it had to happen,sooner or later...

  Now for some other stuff to talk about, here is my GiantBomb profile,I decided to change the lame VercettiTommyy name into the same one I have on IGN, that being DarkyHBK.It's got some cool stuff,it's got some bad stuff,but I'll be active on both GS & GB right now,I'll make common blogs,so don't get shocked if you read this referring to GB on GB :lol: .
  Well I'm happy Turok was just uninstalled (14 GB...duh),so I think I'll install Supreme Commander & Man of Valor Vietnam for now.I also am playing Hunting Unlimited 2009,which is a very bad game I like a lot,& Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude,which really sucks but I like the minigames (no,I'm not a perv).
  As for GiantBomb,I'm planning on moving some of my best reviews there too,& I'm preparing some epic contributions too.As for new reviews,expect Colin McRae DiRT & Race Driver GRID soon enough,& maybe Sid Meyer's Pirates! ,but not sure.
  Well see you arond.Friday I'll be giving free comments! :D


2 weeks on GB

  yeah ,yesterday I celebrated my 3 year anniversary on I'll celebrate my 2 weeks anniversry on GB :)) I don't have another cake so I'll steal woozie's drinks tommorow! :))

   I should write something else but I don't know what,so I won't.Oh yeah!I'm playing GRID & DiRT like mad,if anyone managed to complete the last race in GRID pls help!Also I got this strange Hunting Unlimited 2009.Now I'm off to watch Scarface.

EDIT:Like my Mass Effect review? :D


I'm here!

 Yeah,I'm VercettiTommyy from Gamespot.I'll try to work a bit on my profile page here,& post a couple of reviews.