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Gears of War 2 0

Spoilers Included - You've been warned! Now, I'm going to get the record straight and I'm going to say that at first I was thinking that Gears of War 2 would have the Halo 3 effect on me, and I was dreading that the game would become ruin Gears of War. I can say immediately that I was wrong.  Epic took Gears of War and then highlighted everything that was good about Gears of War with not one or two levels of highlighting, but three or four levels to make everything more satisfying. The first ...

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Half Life 2 1


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Dawn of War 0

As far as real time strategy games go, I've always been a fan of Age of Empires and Age of Empires II.  There was also another real time strategy called Battle Realms that I enjoyed immensely.Then Dawn of War's game play trailer came out, and I was hooked.  Units had their own upgrades, their own abilities, and their own killing moves in combat.  Age of Empires II had set a standard in real time strategies for me, and Dawn of War surpassed them a bounding ease.  While the graphics aren't as awes...

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Baldur's Gate 1

Around a decade ago when I was with my Uncle he showed me a game that would change my life forever.  Literally.  A game that is still my favourite game of all time, and I highly doubt anything would shake it from that position, and thus it was, Baldur's Gate.  Okay it isn't a perfect game, and it has an awful lot of problems that I could quite happily beat out of it with a stick, but it's the sheer addictiveness and storyline dragged me in, tied me up, turned the light off and left the light in ...

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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 0

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 is perhaps one of the best PlayStation 2 fighting games I've ever played, however there are some parts in the game where it falls flat on its face.  Under a guise of 3D it's actually a pretty linear fighting arena with only two stages to it, up and down, where the players can navigate between the two by jumping and pressing a directional button in the direction of the other part of the battleground.  Ranged attacks could hit the other players through this and overall whi...

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The Force Unleashed 0


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Halo 3 4

When I first found Halo: Combat Evolved all those lovely years ago, I was young and foolish and considered it to be the best first person shooter since Half Life.  A few years later Halo 2 came out, and I awaited it again with anticipation and when I finally played it, I finished it, played multiplayer with my friends for a while, and then finally put the controller down and returned to Halo: Combat Evolved.  The problem with Halo 2 is that it took the same storyline as the first Halo and editte...

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Call of Duty 4 1

Call of Duty 4 is the forth game of the Call of Duty series and at first glance at it I was actually put to sleep by the game, literally.  Still, I ballsed up and took the controller two days later after both of my brothers completed it and played as an SAS thug on a tanker and I must say I quite enjoyed it.    Running at top speed towards the chopper was possibly the most fun I've ever had from a Call of Duty game by that point, including avoiding Nazi rockets while travelling at 50mph and shoo...

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Tekken 5 3

Tekken 5 is the 6 game in the Tekken series, trying to follow the events of the “story” so far.  As with the rest of the games that I’ve played or seen from the series it has a central focus on the Mishima family.  In fact it even goes as far as to bring another Mishima into the game, Heihachi’s own father who must be at least 100 years old.  Seriously?  I don’t care how possessed by a Daemon you are, you are still human and you are still going to die after about 90 years of life because the hum...

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Knights of the Old Republic 0

There haven't been a lot of Star Wars games that have been good, apart from perhaps anything involving Kyle Katarn.  There was Empires At War which I'll still go back and play every so often because it's still one of my favourite real time strategies despite it's pretty crap graphics, and of course the original Rogue Squadron on PC, but that was merely only because you never got much further than the standard "shoot badguys get top score", which was fun. There was of course Force Unleashed as we...

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